Status: Alert Withdrawn. Norwegian title: Marine Drilling Riser Couplings. English title: Marine Drilling Riser Couplings. Item type: Standard (Kun elektronisk). Tensile test, performed in accordance with the API Spec. 16R standard, is used to verify whether the design of key load bearing parts of the marine riser, such as. As recommended by API Spec 16R, the stress linearization and classification in one of the key steps to design a riser connector. The designers are encountering .

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These data are to be based on design load wpec High stress areas may be inaccessible and are sometimes so small that a strain gauge gives an average rather than the peak value. IFP has then proposed a simple approach that applies to non-axisymmetric geometries of connectors. Next, the membrane and bending stress components must be categorized into one of the following stress categories: The load on the coupling is axial tension.

API Product Specification

E Rockwell Hardness and Rockwell Super? DesignCouplingsMarine drilling risers. If separation can occur, then provision for it must be included in the analysis if possible. Since this stress is necessary to equilibrate the axial force, it is a general primary membrane stress. A coupling having two? The following are the allowable stresses that must be satis?

Additional sources of applied load that are not included in the rated load may signi? Four or more relevant indications in a line separated by less than 1? The test coupling for all veri? All materials used shall conform to a written speci?


External conduits, arranged parallel to the main tube, used for circulation of? Therefore, the analyst must predict where high stresses are likely to occur. It is important to note that the SAF value depends largely on the exhaustiveness of the? The coupling weight includes the in-air weight of any and all parts that contribute to the submerged, in-service weight of the coupling.

Inherent indications not associated with a surface rupture for example, magnetic permeability variations and non-metallic stringers are considered non-relevant.

Additionally, the coupling may provide support for choke, kill and auxiliary lines, and load reaction for buoyancy devices. An example of a pure shear stress is the average shear stress in the threads of a threaded coupling.

The load cases for which a coupling must be analyzed depend on whether or not the coupling is preloaded and if the preload stresses are considered as primary or secondary. Coupling capacity ratings are established to enable the grouping of coupling models according to their maximum stresses developed under speci? The coupling design load can be speci?

Section 3 contains a description of the function of marine riser couplings, along with the de? All pressure containing welds shall have complete joint penetration. Devices added to the riser joints to reduce their submerged weight.

Monitoring Standards monitoring is a free service designed for you who wish to be alerted of changes to or new editions of the standards required in your work. You do not have access to this content.

API Spec 16R (R)

This service is not available if you are a URL user where you do not log in with an email address. Indication which is circular or elliptical with its length less than three times the width.


Additional traceable information is speci? All components that affect the stiffness of 16rr coupling shall be considered in the model. When L is less than T, consider section as a plate of L thickness. Design Couplings Marine drilling risers.

API Spec 16R (R2010)

Maximum stresses almost always occur at surfaces. If you need to be able to add standards to the monitoring service, you must register as a user with your own username and password. Design loads tensile, bending, loads from auxiliary lines, and others as de?

The formulation and publication ai API standards is not intended in any way to inhibit anyone from using any other practices. Identify high wpi points in the structure and the pipe-tocoupling weld.

Determination of the equivalent load for bending is discussed in 4.

Each part shall be visually examined. This procedure is repeated for all of the six stress components that are signi? The following paragraphs describe this procedure in detail. An example of a bearing stress is the contact stress between the dogs and the loading shoulder of a dog coupling.

Undercut shall not reduce the thickness in the area considering both sides to below the minimum thickness. The loads experienced when landing on and hanging from the spider while running and pulling riser may be simulated.