Water witch Isabelle Novak must form an uneasy alliance with earth witch Thomas Monahan to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power, even though. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Anya Bast tells a really passionate story and leaves you wanting more the Elemental Witch series will be a fantastic read. Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane. Ever since she was a.

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I loved this hero. So she begins the novel as a cold, closed off character. Thomas is one of that quiet and intense man, who makes sure to be extra protective for anyone whom he cares about.

Witch Blood

Water witch Isabelle Novak must form an uneasy alliance with earth witch Thomas Monahan to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power, even though Thomas’s very presence stirs deeper desires than she ever knew she had.

Angela was killed by a Demon let loose by the warlock-controlled Duskoff Cabal aka – the bad guys and since Isabele has had no luck tracking down the demon who actually did the dirty deed she has decided to pin her sites on the head of the Cabal who summoned the demon.

Basically if you work for the Coven, whatever you need they provide. I don’t know why. Also, maybe it is just me, but I don’t like the male characters to be so forceful. I think Thomas is a much more interesting character, but alas, his story is for basy most part over.

Witch Blood (Elemental Witches, #2) by Anya Bast

He desires her like he desired his dead wife and that makes his uneasy and skittish around her. That said, the ending is rather anti-climactic and the events detailed in the last few chapters are an obvious lead in to the next book. She’s imprisoned in a psych hospital after talking about demons chasing her. I’m not a prude and I like a good steamy scene here and there but I felt most of the book was just the intimate scenes.


Apr 09, Mahlet rated it liked it Recommends it for: Compared to the demons the witches were essentially human come on!! But this charming playboy soon learns that it’s easier to steal Claire from demons than win her heart, for her life as a servant has ravaged her spirit.

She certainly never gets any personality. Witch Blood does not fall into that trap. His ultimatum seals her fate: Return to Book Page.

Yes, Thomas, like Jack, is another Alpha male, as one would expect the head of the Coven to be.

Later on when they get really close, the demon appears telling her that all she has to do is give herself up to save Thomas. I categorize this book as a paranormal romance fantasy and therefore recommend this book and series to only those fellow dark urban fantasy readers, who have an abundance of patience and tolerance, to circumnavigate through the many sex scenes in order to remain with the plot, as well as weed through the overly predictable sections.

Without giving any spoilers, I felt that Bast just ran out of energy, or couldn’t come up with anything else to really wrap up the story in b,ood way that resolved where she had built it up to. He is instantly drawn to Claire but living the life she has she knows little of love and fears what her owner will do to Adam if she gets involved with him. Thomas is the head of the witches coven. The Duskoff is in the business of summoning demons to get favors, and to summon a demon you must kill witches of every type of power Earth, Fire, Water, Air in a circle.

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Another perhaps unintentional issue is what’s more important: Caught in the act by the head of the Coven, Thomas Monahan, Isabelle is recruited to assist in the hunt for a demon terrorizing the witch population.

The book definitely would have benefited and would have been more interesting if this aspect would have been better developed. As this happens there are many steamy, sizzling, hot, hot sex scenes that make your toes curl.

I’d have either kicked him in the goods or thrown him down to suffer my attentions, but Claire’s reactions were dead on for someone with her level of relationship experience. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. She does a very good job in Witch Blood of bring on the heat.

On Earth, Claire seeks the help of the Coven. She grew up in Minnesota and still favors the colder climates. It was one of those books that takes a little bit for you to get invested in the characters but once you are you have a hard time walking away from them.