More examples and tutorials are available in other pages. We also have a trouble -shooting page, where there are some tips on how to use antechamber. Amber 10 Tutorial antechamber: strange molecules get parameter files antechamber & leap • antechamber is predominantly a file converter. However, it can be. This section of the tutorial introduces the AMBER programs/tools necessary to set -up the input files .. Let’s try using antechamber on our file.

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But that, in the present system, means waters, but waters are represented in the next part of bellymask.


Atom equivalence is recognized automatically. For this command, g is short for global and c is short for check with the user before making the change. This will extract one structure every 12, antechakber frame 1 and of the initial trajectory. To select everything, double click the LEFT button and to unselect, do the same while holding down the shift key. Here, we can see that we are approaching convergence, but are not quite there yet.

The resulting file is SB3-noH. To run antichamber, we need make sure these three programs are available, antechamber, parmchk and tleap and we are using the correct version of amber, we can use the which command, type command:. You may revise these file or write your own atom type definition antechambee read in by “-d” flag according the rules.

Introduction In this tutorial we will make use of the Antechamber package, which ships with AmberTools, to create prmtop and inpcrd files for the simulations of a protein-ligand complex, and perform a short GB simulation on it. Xleap will add more hydrogen atoms than we need however all extra hydrogens could be easily deleted. This is sufficient to indicate successful equilibration. The last number 1 specifies the frequency of the snapshot saved, in this case, every frame of the trajectory file.


This contains the definition of our SIN residue including all of the charges and atom types that we will load into Leap to when creating our prmtop and inpcrd files.

Remember though that Antechamber is not a replacement for due diligence.

Create the necessary topology and coordinate files for non-standard residue

This method of removing hydrogen motion has the fortunate effect of removing the highest frequency oscillation in the system, that of the hydrogen vibrations. We just need to run tleap and ensure the GAFF force field is available. In general, it is very difficult to achieve convergence in the number of data points. A program that reads in force field, topology and coordinate information and produces the files necessary for production calculations i.

Create these directories first before doing anything else. Use the following script, entitled get.

2014 AMBER tutorial with HIV Protease

These are the files we will use for the simulations: To see a correspondence between atom names and 3D structure we shall label atoms in the Xleap unit editor: In fact it may even be possible to simply start our system at K but we shall remain cautious and start from 0 K.

To have a quick look at the structure, in order to ensure it still sensible, before proceeding: The program knows which atoms this are, because we also need to supply an angle file, which contains the list of angles to be treated at each step of the reconstruction analysis. In this example, we use a force constant of kcal mol -1 angstrom -2 and restrain residues 1 through the protein and inhibitor.

It is always a good idea to visualize your results since the human eye is very good at spotting anomalies.

This information will be used later by antechamber for generating the RESP atomic charges. First, let’s run reduce to add all the hydrogen atoms to the pdb file. However with antechamber we aantechamber our generic ff03 and also gaff — source leaprc. The last two files are the ones needed for the molecular dynamics simulation.


And, finally, add missing protons. For the purposes of this tutorial we shall assume atechamber the parameters Antechamber has suggested for us are acceptable. And the last line of the input file will remove the water molecules. Double and triple check your syntax before you submit a job to seawulf! Bondtype is a new program since amber8.

Copy parameters to your working directory from the following resource:. Moreover, since GAFF is totally compatible with the AMBER macromolecular force fields it qntechamber prove to be an useful molecular mechanical tool for rational drug design. It is the hope that as GAFF is developed, the number of missing parameters will decrease.

This command reads in sustiva.

C4 And that’s us done. Lets run ptraj to calculate the RMSd of the protein backbone atoms:.

Tutorial & Examples

Here is the input file for ptraj: With this antechamber and leap can generate parameter files. Since we want to “see” graphical representations of our models, this tutorial will use xleap. This protein is essential for the lifecycle of the virus as it cleaves immature polyproteins into mature proteins which can then be used for proper virion assembly.

The starting point can be any file format supported by antechamber pdb, mol2, sd etc. Use a cutoff of 10 angstroms. All the water molecules have been removed in the first step, and it is ready for comparison to the gas phase complex trajectory.