Please see the Javadoc of the method setType(String type) in the class Intent: This method automatically clears any data that was previously set (for example. Uri uri = le(entry); Intent intent = new Intent( ACTION_VIEW); String mime = “*/*”; MimeTypeMap mimeTypeMap = MimeTypeMap. aAndType Method. (Usually optional) Set the data for the intent along with an explicit MIME data type.

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Email Required, but never shown. The path to the mount point for the unmountable media is contained in the Intent. This way, the new activity can call Activity. Currently this includes when the user disables quiet mode for the profile.

Broadcast to a specific application to query any supported restrictions to impose on restricted users. Instead, apps are strongly encouraged to use the improved Context. This flag is most typically used with sticky broadcasts, which only care about delivering the most recent values of the broadcast to itent.setdataandtype receivers. Return the Activity component that should be used to handle this intent.

A very simple version of this logic can be found in the following code. Those apps should first prevent the call from being placed by setting resultData to null and then start their own app to make the call.

If you would like to instead allow the document to be kept in recents so that it can be re-launched, you can use this flag. Run the data, whatever that means. Arrays ; import java.


If not set, assumed to be false. Close ; break; case “pageobjects”: Normally the type is inferred from the data itself. Spinner ; import android. This intent is delivered to the package which installed the application, usually Google Play. Close ; break; case “formgenerator”: Return the scheme portion of the intent’s data.

This MIME type cannot be changed after the document is created. The name of a category to add to the Intent’s selector. This URI may encode the action, category, and other intent fields, if it was returned by toUri int. This is used to create intents that only specify a type and not data, for example to indicate the type of data to return. Called by the garbage collector on an object when garbage collection determines that there are no more references to the object.

If an activity is ever started via any non-user-driven events such as phone-call receipt or an alarm handler, this flag should be passed to Context.

It uses the data included in the intent. External power has been removed from the device.

If there are multiple activities with the same priority, the system will either pick the best activity based on user preference, or resolve to a system class that will allow the user to pick an activity and forward from there.

  ICIDH 1980 PDF

This will be delivered to BroadcastReceiver components declared in the manifest. Usually optional Set an explicit application package name that limits the components this Intent will resolve to.

SetDataAndType – Xamarin

Implicit Intents have not intent.setdattaandtype a component; instead, they must ontent.setdataandtype enough information for the system to determine which of the available components is best to run for that intent. Start action associated with long pressing on the search key. This example is a typical top-level entry into the Contacts application, showing you the list of people. Sent when the user is present after device wakes up e.

This is especially useful, for example, when launching an activity from the notification manager.

C# (CSharp) Method Android.Content Intent.SetDataAndType Code Examples

Quick viewers must render the quick view image locally, and must not send file content outside current device. Enqueue r ; AndHUD. Allow the user to create a new document. Add a set of extended data to the intent.

Intent | Android Developers

This allows you build an Intent containing a generic protocol while targeting it more specifically. In this case the create user activity would only be started if no user was found.

The URI of the item that was picked, returned in getData.