View and Download Akai XR10 operator’s manual online. 16 bit pcm drum machine. XR10 Music Equipment pdf manual download. This page contains information about the Operator’s Manual for the XR10 from Akai. Preview and download studio quality samples from the AKAI XR Download samples and manuals from some of the best electronic instruments.

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Actually, it’s not as complicated as it might seem at first – which is probably a good thing, because if you make a mistake with your bracketing there’s no way you can get out of Song mode short of switching the machine off until you fix it. Each Preset Sound has 12 parameters: Well, with the XR10 it’s strange but true. Simon Trask assesses this marketing strategy while listening to some dope drum sounds.

So it was that I found the second half of the fourth bar of my pattern had disappeared before I could say “Akai”. Also, in order to erase a cr10 recorded in this way, the relevant Sound has to be assigned to one of the XR10’s instrument pads first.

But if the XR10 encourages erstwhile preset drum machine owners to begin programming their own rhythms, who am I to argue? Write us report Error Contribute Support Us. Fortunately, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, because I’d just manul copied the pattern and was recording into the copy.

The aforementioned User Sound locations can be very useful here, as they allow you to create several versions of a Sound which can then be assigned to different instrument pads.

Meanwhile, if you hold down the Timing Correct pad and an instrument pad you can record a series of notes at a fixed quantisation anything from 8th to 96th notes. The time between MIDI note on and note off transmission is quite short, so you might find that you need to tailor the amplitude envelope s of any external synth sound s that you want to play in this way.

The Preset Sounds themselves are consistently impressive, and offer a good deal of variety in the kit and Latin percussion departments – though not much of anything else.

Gear in this article: Whereas the variations always start playing from the beginning of a bar, you can drop in a fill-in or break rhythm from any crotchet in the bar. But, along with these and the likes of waltz, country, march, twist, reggae and jazz rhythms and five rock rhythms, Akai have included a number of rhythms labelled dance, funk, electro, disco and beatbox.

Of course, if you’re slaving the drum machine off a sequencer then this doesn’t matter, and having to go through the tempo page each time you exit Pattern Record becomes even more irksome. One thing these instruments have in common is sonic expandability – the MPC60 because it can sample, the XE8 because it can avail itself of a dedicated sample-card library.


The XR10 allows a very ready interaction between Preset and User rhythms in both Pattern and Song modes, but sadly this doesn’t extend to being able to select User rhythms from the front-panel pads as you can Preset rhythms. You do not agree with our review? The Velocity Feel parameter effectively changes the perceived “hardness” of a Sound when you’re triggering it from an XR10 instrument pad, because, with the parameter turned on, the Sound’s attack becomes less percussive at lower velocities – and the pads seem to operate at a fixed mid velocity value, producing a consistent difference which can in some cases be quite, urn, striking.

Back panel terminals connectors: All the samples have plenty of presence and dynamism – you couldn’t accuse the XR10 of sounding wimpy, by any stretch of the imagination. I’d like to see manufacturers give their drum machines the ability to automatically compile a song chain from pattern selections made in real-time in Play mode.

DCA Decay can be used to shorten the decay time of a Sound, which can be useful when its length isn’t quite right either for the rhythm it’s being used in or for the sound that results from editing with the tune and sweep parameters.

While we’re on the subject of spontaneity, I’m going to spontaneously suggest that it’s about time we had an alternative method of constructing song chains to the usual one of manually entering a series of pattern numbers in an LCD screen.

Will it end up being overshadowed by Cheetah’s MD16 drum machine, which is more sophisticated and yet significantly cheaper?

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Next article in this issue Tears For Fears. So does the XR10 signal a new direction for the drum machine? The variations, which are the main rhythms, are each two bars long, but akxi can get the XR10 to play either the first or the second bar by holding down the Timing Correct pad and tapping the relevant Variation pad first bar or Fill-in pad second bar.

Akai XR 42 out of based on 1 user ratings. Basically it’s more appealing sonically than it is operationally, but then people hear the sounds, not the operation. Sound parameters are associated with the Sound rather than the pad, so editing a Sound will manuall all the patterns in which it occurs, both Preset and User.

Talking of erasing things, if you play a ninth note on a beat in real-time record that is exceed the XR10’s eight-note polyphony the drum machine majual erases the earliest note you played on that beat.

MIDI sound kits can be triggered using Midi interface, however implementation is rather basic and offers only a control on velocity sytem. I might have been more convinced if Akai had sought a more wholehearted, and more innovative, integration of the preset and akkai programmable – like being able to select User patterns from front-panel pads. Akai’s latest drum machine attempts to combine the best of programmable and preset rhythm units. Additionally, mabual you’ve set Auto Scan to on, the XR10 automatically stops manjal the next or previous note when you’re fast-scrolling.


Incidentally, the metronome on the XR10 also outputs the metronome beat as a MIDI note fixed as note 24 on its transmit channel.


Tuning the Sounds down introduces a certain amount of aliasing and noise; personally I think that just makes the Sounds more interesting, but if you’re of the opinion that cleanliness is next to Godliness, then you won’t agree. And on the subject of synchronisation, I should point out that the XR10 doesn’t send or respond to MIDI Song Position Pointer in any mode, so when you’re using it in conjunction with a manyal it can’t follow the sequencer from anywhere but the beginning of a song.

Experimentation is the name of the game – not to mention fun. What’s more, you should be able to do this while the machine is synced to MIDI clocks or MTC, so that you can create the song chain as you listen to, and perhaps record, other parts in the track.

CONS – edit interface – cheap built. In practice, there are many irritating aspects of the XR10’s user interface, but whoever decided that the XR10 should default to Preset pattern 01 every time you enter Pattern mode or return to the pattern play level from the edit level, should definitely be shot.

This parameter also comes in useful if you want to replace one of the XR10’s Sounds with an external sound. With the MPC60 they effectively brought the sequencer and the sampler to the beatbox, while the XE8 drum expander dropped onboard sequencing altogether. In trying to find a description of the XR10’s overall sound, I keep coming back to “gritty and razor-sharp’; the more usual “punchy and tight” are also appropriate. Small Print Terms of use Privacy.

Now, as long as you Stop the drum machine between selecting different patterns the new tempo will be selected, but when you change patterns while the drum machine is playing in Pattern Play a,ai Song Play modes the tempo isn’t updated. The XR10 loops continuously in real-time record mode in familiar fashion, allowing you to overdub new parts on each pass.

PROS – some great samples – old school. akal

Akai have elected xt10 make their budget drum machine both a preset and a programmable instrument, with 50 preset rhythm types and 99 programmable patterns.