T Temple of Elemental Evil (1e) – A sinister force, long thought destroyed, stirs from the black hole that spawned it. Like an ebony darkness it. and the long awaited T2, Temple of Elemental Evil %. WORLD OF Part 3: Dungeons of Elemental Evil. 43 Player should have the AD&D® PLAYERS. Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure AD&D D&D Dungeons Dragons 3rd Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail (1 to 3 business days).

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Heavy wear to cover. The MU dresses as the dead guardsman, bluffs the bugbears into continuing the search inside and manages to make it back to the party. The first time through this adventure our elemnetal did the ‘bugout boogie’ from the dungeon. In a computer gameThe Temple kf Elemental Evilbased on the original T module was released. In the meantime the adventurers are probably still there, and are his priority right now.

The Temple of Elemental Evil video game. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: In The Temple of Elemental Evilthe characters start off at low level, and elementak establishing themselves in Hommlet, they gradually work their way through the immense dungeons beneath the Temple, thereby gaining experience.

It should be noted, however, femple this is not a simple hack-and-slash dungeon crawl. If at anytime the party has to leave the dungeon, it should be assumed that things will move back into areas they’ve already “cleaned out”. Wizards of the Coast. The dwarven thief manages to kill a human guardsman, and they drag the corpse elementak of the dungeon. Whats Included Origonal gate fold box in like new condirion with very little damage Spiral-bound instruction manual looks unused bradygames official strategy guide witch looks used but still in ver Blue highlighting and pencil annotations between pages 4 and 23 as well as pages.


Each player selects a hero, such as a fighter, cleric, or wizard. There is some, but it is forced and usually limited to the village of Hommlet or Nulb. The second is the village of Nulb, which does have NPC play and interaction.

This adventure will be enough to test the ingenuity of any group, and will allow them to show their chops, both in role playing and in their elemenal capabilities against an array of foes.

Pictures are of the actual item s. Write a customer review. Like an ebony darkness, it prowls the land and safety is but an illusion, for it watches from every shadow and evi possibilities. Also, if you have a first printing of ToE, like mine, leemental are some text errors where lines have just cut off mid sentence.

Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer. The adventure can be a challenge–it ranges from 1st-8th level characters–but the world building is superb and the plot is exciting.

Overall contents are in good condition. For the next five e,emental, Hommlet gained in wealth thanks to adventurers who came to the area seeking out remnants of evil to slay. In addition I have some ideas for my campaign, that I’d like to get feedback from other GM’s on. Brown stain along inside cover of spine.

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The cover has virtually no shelf wear and no wear on the corners. Languages Suomi Edit links.


He doesn’t know that there is a huge inbound force coming, tfmple one of the spies for the Temple will make it back to the dungeon before the force arrives. In fact, his final blunder is well documented in products that take place later in the setting’s history.

Going Retro: Temple of Elemental Evil with AD&D 1e | Dice of Doom

I have one player who’s played the computer game, so far I haven’t changed much and he’s been playing dumb so to speak. May include creasing, bumps, or scuffing. Those who have other Greyhawk material can use this as either a launching point or a continuation of their own existing campaign, thrusting their own players into the center of historical and, later in the series, literally world-changing events.

A few questions, first.

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil – Wikipedia

What began years ago, with the introduction of the players to the quiet village of Hommlet and the amazing lands of Greyhawk, at last is complete. Quickly the dwarven thief hightails it back to Hommlet to fetch the watch and the major NPC’s to the moathouse.

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