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The second circuit is the famous cascode configuration.

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They provide wide- voltage—range pull-ups within amplifier and regulator circuits. Don’t think that the collector of a transistor. Any given transistor has maximum values of IC, 13, and VCE that cannot be exceeded without costing the exceeder the price of a new transistor for typical values, see Table 2.

The output, for a 10 volt amplitude sine—wave input, looks as shown in Figure 2. The changes in VBE produced by voltage swings across the load cause the output current to change, because the emitter voltage and therefore the emitter current changes, even with a fixed applied base voltage. It had no sound except clipping warning. For instance, if both resistors were lk, the transistor would turn on at 2 diode drops, collector to emit— ter. In this example, once again, the ultra—high— impedance FET has lost some of its luster.

Here we’ve ignored the small dahasheet, be— cause R1 is typically large, at least a few thousand ohms. If you try to use the emitter—degenerated circuit, you will have the circuit shown in Figure 2. Two examples FETs have more surprises in store for us. By varying VB you get a voltage—programmable cur— rent source. This is a useful way to think about an amplifier, because you can analyze perfor— mance of the sections independently.

Base-current cancellation scheme, commonly used in high-quality operational amplifiers. That is, the transconductance increases only as the square root of I D and is well below the transconductance of a bipolar transistor at the same operating current; see Fig- ure datashdet. In a FET, as the name suggests, conduc- tion in a channel is controlled by an elec- tricjield, produced by a voltage applied to the gate electrode.


And, finally, there are applications in the datashfet world that require constant current sources, e. In this case a voltage divider is the simplest way Fig. Either input could have been grounded in the preceding circuit example. Thanks to everyone who responded to my request. You just ground one of the inputs and con— nect the signal to the other Fig.

Product/Process Change Notice – PCN 12_0199 Rev. –

Q1 conducts on posi- tive swings, Q2 on negative swings. R is chosen to provide enough base current for the output transistors at the peak output swing. This extra “impact—ionization” current is proportional to drain current, and it rises exponentially with voltage and temperature. That’s easy to do — just use an emitter—degenerated amplifier with a gain of —1 Fig. You can decrease the source impedance driving a grounded emitter stage by using an emit- ter follower.

Because of these nice properties, emit— ter followers find application in many situations, e. There are several methods available to beat the Miller effect.

The linear region, in which drain current is approximately proportional to VDs, extends up to a voltage VDSGMafter which the drain current is approx— imately constant. The amplifier has some overall voltage gain Gv, so a small voltage wiggle at the input results in a wiggle GV times larger and inverted at datzsheet collector.

Turning up the gain: For example, an n-channel JFET which fatasheet automatically depletion- mode uses a positive drain supply, as do all n-type devices.

The signal source might be the output of an amplifier stage with Thevenin equivalent series imped— ance Zoutdriving the next stage or per— haps a load of some input impedance Zin. Base volt- age increases 60mV per decade of collector current. In most cases gate input currents are negligible in comparison with BJT base currents.


AD – ADI – Interface – Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers – Kynix Semiconductor

Dif— ferential Darlington Q1 — Q4 compares the voltage of the adjustable reference divider R4—R6 with the divider formed from the thermistor and R2. The result is that both current—determining transistors Q1 and Q2 have fixed collector—emitter drops; you can think of Q3 as simply passing the output current through ad7521 a variable- voltage load a similar trick is used in the cascode connection, which you will see later in the chapter.

FET followers, with ad75512 high input im— pedance, are commonly used as input stages in oscilloscopes as well as other mea— suring instruments. However, note that the phase shift also depends on the frequency of the input signal for a given setting of the potentiometer R.

Nonlinear output waveform from ad712 emitter amplifier. Most of the available devices fabricated with transistors matched pairs, differen- tial and operational amplifiers, compara- tors, high-current switches and amplifiers, radiofrequency amplifiers, and digital logic ax7512 also available with FET construc- tion, often with superior performance.

The MAT is a pnp matched pair. In electronic circuits, you’re always hooking the output of some— thing to the input of something else, as suggested in Figure 2. Transistor VBE-referenced current source. They often provide an excellent way to bias transistors, and they are un- equaled as “active loads” for super-gain amplifier stages and as emitter sources for differential amplifiers.

One possibility for an active load is a current mirror as the drain load for a differential FET pair see Section 2. Consider the example in Figure 2. Cascode current source for im- proved current stability with load voltage vari- ations. Once comfortable with FETs, we’ll have little trouble with their family tree.