There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST:TSCS, the Starfleet Command series, which are both well. The original version of ACtA:SF was published in hardback print back in , as part of a joint venture agreed between Amarillo Design. ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class. Recently I purchased three Furuta Star Trek Nebula class ships off eBay. They are a decently.

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Star Fleet is a hexless, miniatures based game of fleet combat in the Star Fleet Universe.

ACTA Trek Scenario – The Battle for Deep Space 4

However, a number of unforeseen complications arose which eventually led to a contract revision that shifted development focus for all three of the “joint venture” projects which also includes the Starline miniatures line and the qcta adaptation of the Prime Directive RPG setup to the Mongoose Traveller game system over to ADB. But then why worry, Charlie Sector was quiet, it always was and always had been. You can buy it now on our store. SF, but the weapon arcs are enough to make position really matter as noted.

The Core Rulebook

Excellent – I am looking forward atca it – The chilli and beer will be on me! The game has been extensively re-worked in order to fix certain issues and imbalances that had cropped up in the prior edition, as well as to better represent various concepts in play for other SFU games such as Star Fleet BattlesFederation Commanderactz the Star Fleet adaptation to Starmada ‘s Admiralty and Nova editions.

What makes it an incredible game is that, to this day, it is the only system that I believe accurately represents the second-to-second decisions made aboard a vessel engaged in combat, in real time. As I said, I miss the impulse turn system because it really did allow for real-time shooting and movement to coalesce, but barring that one niggle, this game is truly remarkable in how well it captures the Star Trek universe, how comprehensive the rule set is, and how much fun it is to play.


It was the dead end of the universe, nothing happened here; and if Charlie Sector was the worst sector then Deep Space 4 was the pits!

You can also see the original government boundaries of the pre-Federation governments in blue outline on the hexes. The Badlands are the coloured hexes Release is expected in November of Star Fleet Battles was simply too unwieldy and put too much emphasis on power management.

Every deadbeat, drunk, pill-head, cheat and skiver was sent here; the dumping ground for every malcontent in Starfleet. NerrothNov 19, There are no shield facings in ACTA: We found that one of the hardest things to really master is the judgement of when to attack and when to withhold for defensive fire.

A more polished “deluxe” edition will be presented in the New Year, in both print and online formats. Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The deluxe version includes expanded background information for the empires, a chapter on tactics, a chapter on painting ships and creating asteroids, and far more art.

ACTA: Star Fleet

SF, as a product, is nothing more than a wonderful looking rulebook, but the game itself is much more when you look at the latest iteration of Starline miniatures, the series. Star Fleet gets rid of the boring parts of all of its ideological predecessors while retaining almost all of the good stuff. Even at the height of the last Klingon war, DS4 had only gone to action stations twice!

But the map works fine without these for now and is ready to map out the ongoing campaign. Nov 21, Location: Gangs of Mega City One fame amongst others.

This product is being done as a joint venture with Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

SFthis week’s Star Fleet Universe On Call podcast on Talkshoe will have Steve Cole the founder and head of ADB and Tony Thomas the current line developer for qcta game system calling in to talk about the game and to field questions asked by callers-in.


Digger I’m working on the ship stats and i’ve spoken to Mike about getting some miniatures sorted out. NerrothDec 22, Starline Traveller Prime Directive. Posts Topics Advanced Search. Star Fleet at the Mongoose Publishing site here, where you can also place an order: Along with Federation Commander came an update of the Starline Series miniatures towhich atca much nicer metal miniatures with fine details.

This system is miniatures based no hexes and starflete very streamlined. Its goal was to take Mongoose’s A Call to Arms game engine which had been used for Babylon 5 and Noble Armada adaptations, and has been re-worked for the wet-navy Victory at Sea system and use it to represent larger starship engagements in the Star Sstarfleet Universe. All of the ships have had their stats reviewed. All of my miniatures have spectacular detail, far greater than I had expected, but they were incredibly trying to assemble.

This is a system designed for massed fleets and allows huge battles to be played in a single evening.

Federation Commander fixed a lot of my beefs with both the aforementioned titles, but was still putting too much emphasis on power management and filling in little boxes. As it rests, I simply made an Excel spreadsheet which is printable onto card stock and sleeved in a sheet protector which allowed us the same basic principle. The “basic” part is due to this file, for now, being a PDF upload only.

If you take some actions that would use a lot of power in FC or SFB, it will slow your ship down or cause some other penalty ; going at high speed blocks some power-intensive actions.

Also online magazine publisher and writer.