Technical documentation for the aircrafts. Creating and updating the manual, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting (AMM, TSM). Greetings of the day dear friends. I am in search of A(CFMA) AMM in PDF documents are normally available in ADOC. Airbus A Tsm. BOOK ID: byku1lDmnQdq [Pdf] Airbus A Tsm DOWNLOAD Book Free. May 9th, – Podle zákona o evidenci.

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Alternatively, if the user knows which system has generated the fault this step can be skipped and the trouble shooting started at the next text. It then realises the BITE function and therefore reports on behalf of all system computers. The test function shall be used in this case. This implies that the operator action must be performed before this time out.

airbus a320 TSM

The flight condition is located between first engine start up plus three minutes or eighty txm plus thirty seconds if flight plan is not available in the FMS and eighty knots plus thirty seconds after touch down. This form of trouble shooting is not recommended. In order to limit the number of cockpit events displayed to the pilots after a single fault, some systems do not generate a cockpit event while they send a class a3320 or class 2 fault message because it is already done by another system.


Illustrations and tables are considered as tasks.

It will be used to confirm the presence of a fault or to eliminate any ambiguity. The identifier s are the computers which have also reacted in relation to the fault by generating: These tests can also be menu-guided tam.

Additional information is associated with each message.

Airbus A TSM( Trouble shooting manual )

In order to limit the number of fault a3200 printed on the PFR and to give the line mechanic only the root cause of a fault, the CFDIU correlates the fault messages. It is necessary to confirm all faults of the ground report by activating a test or a procedure described in the TSM.

Class 1 maintenance messages are presented in the Post Flight Report at the end of the flight. These messages are recorded in each system BITE class 3 report. Block The primary fault only is given in the TSM to avoid confusion with too many associated faults.

To limit BITE complexity all these tm are assumed to be correctly applied by the operator. The list of faults in the Fault Symptoms P. Faults detected during flight will generate maintenance messages in the PFR associated with this flight if class 1 or 2 as defined in Para 4.

Case related to Type 2 systems: This trouble shooting guide to faults monitored and aircraft systems. Block to isolate the fault. Report “airbus a TSM”. The general rule is that an even suffix identifies a component on the right hand side and an odd suffix identifies a component on the left hand side. The LEP lists all pages valid for the a3220 and their issue dates. Before you get access for a wiring check, make sure that you obey the applicable warning s: Some systems do not have class gsm reports.


It is a user-friendly monitoring device providing direct access to system menus which detect a fault for example, flag displayed on the PFD.

This is the reason why the aircraft systems have 2 types of memorization: The others are GO without conditions. In all cases, it is recommended to restart the tests indicating faults in the results to eliminate any possible disturbances or wrong initial conditions.

It is requested that this form be used for any questions concerning the TSM. The Task numbers are printed in the TSM and the subtask numbers are omitted as an option, the subtask numbers can be printed. Nonetheless, type 2 systems having no specific function during these phases, the probability of occurrence tsn these cases is very low.