GUNG HO, A LA CARGA. views Gung Ho. Cipriano González · Trabajo escrito pelicula gung ho. Luis Alberto Resumen Gung Ho. A LA CARGA GUNG HOIntroducción Hablaremos sobre la técnica administrativa gung ho (trabajando juntos), que se compone resumen del video gung ho. Tarea – Tarea 2 Gung Ho A la carga Fuente. el método del castor y el don del ganso, en resumen nos enseña a aprender y entender que vuestro trabajo.

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In the 80’s American, and Japanese auto makers were bitter rivals. There is a severe culture clash made worse by the stereotypical American employees and the stereotypical Japanese bosses. Keaton has the president count the cars outside first so inside production could continue.

He decided to offer a proposal so that the Japanese would not close down the plant so soon. Michael Keaton then gets into a car and says that he is proud of the cars that “we”, the Japanese and Americans had made together.

A la Carga Gun Ho! by Yanelis Vargas on Prezi

Hunt responds by addressing his observations that the real reason the workers are facing such difficulties is because the Japanese have the work ethic that too many Americans have abandoned.

Stevenson responds by announcing to the workers that the real reason they are facing such The Japanese send lq management to make the factory up to their standards. In the beginning, it is clear that management lacks regard for the workers and their lives. Shortly after seeing the determination, the other workers join him one by one.

Subordinate to subordinate communication differs greatly from subordinate to supervisor communication. The lackadaisical attitude of the American workers toward quality only adds to the cultural strain. This is unfamiliar to the American workers, which leads to them getting agitated. In his attempt, he proposes to match the best month of The Japanese managers learn of this lie and Michael Keaton is forced to tell the truth about his lie to the whole town in a meeting.

Keaton shows up to work by himself and confidentally boosts that he will finish out the quota himself. The management team almost came to a breaking point and gave up on the factory.

As the day draws to a close, the Japanese company president comes to inspect the plant personally and see if it could meet the quota. After nearly a month of working long hours toward a goal of 13,despite Hunt’s pleas for them to aim for the full 15,the truth is discovered and the workers strike. The factory is a lead source for the economy in the Midwestern town it is based in so it is important to keep the company going.


The Japanese company agrees, and upon the arrival of their management team in the US many changes are introduced, among them lower wages and seemingly impossible standards of efficiency and quality.

When Stevenson calls an assembly to tell the workers about the deal, they balk at the idea of making so many cars in so short a time.

The workers also display a poor work ethic and lackadaisical attitude towards quality control. The main actor, Michael Keaton, was motivated and aggressive with the proposal to keep the company running. Kazihiro, the Japanese executive in charge of the Hadleyville plant, gives Stevenson a large pay increase on the condition that he work as their liaison to convince the American workers to conform to the new management style.

République (videojuego)

Under pressure from the crowd, Stevenson lies and says that if they make 13, they will get a partial raise. When Hunt first meets Kazuhiro in Japan, Kazuhiro is being carag by his peers, and being required to wear ribbons of shame. The nephews of Japan’s Company President confidentally state the quota was not met. The company was re-opened but a Japanese management team was sent to help, guide, and monitor the American workers.

He has been given one final chance to redeem himself by making the American plant a success.

Home Documents gung ho. The relationships between the management team and the workers are also damaged due to the differences between cultures. Post on Sep views. Gung Ho Summary The Gung Ho Movie, starring Michael Keaton, is resumne great representation of the cultural differences that may arise between businesses when working together internationally. Before the arrival of the Japanese executives, the organization structure of the plant was Work Specialization.

They were not happy with this and felt very dissatisfy with their jobs. By doing so, they were to layff workers or closing down the plant.

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If productivity standards arent met, then overtime work is expected, without pay. However, conflict arises due to the tremendously different cultures and work ethics of the two groups. Despite cultural differences, the Japanese are determined to see this new American plant rresumen as efficently as plants back home in Japan.


Every worker was assigned to do a specific task.

Just before the final inspection, Hunt and the workers line up a number of incomplete cars in hopes of fooling the executives. The worker wanted to leave to be with his Lz ruse fails when the car that Hunt carag supposedly bought for himself falls apart when he attempts to drive it away, but the strict CEO is nonetheless impressed by the workers’ performance and declares the goal met, calling them a “Good team.

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Because of s strike, Assan Motors plans to discontinue using the factory. Because of the strike, Assan Motors plans to abandon the factory again, which would mean the end of the town. Intent on becoming the resumeb manager his superiors expect, he gives Hunt a large promotion on the condition that he work as a liaison between the Japanese management and the American workers, to smooth the transition and convince the workers to obey the new rules.

After a while, the productivity was still not increasing and the Japanese felt that they need to take action. Inspired, the workers return and continue to work toward their goal, and pursue it with the level of diligence the Japanese managers had encouraged.

Both feature management styles and more in-depth styles of leadership straight out of our book. More concerned with keeping carrga promotion than with the long-term welfare of his fellow workers, Stevenson does everything he can to rezumen the Gkng workers into compliance, but the culture clash becomes too great and he begins to lose control of the men. From the Japanese perspective, Kenjis wife ask him to assemble the bicycle which is a birthday gift for his son, but he refuses because hes busy doing work and by doing so, has clearly chosen to put Assan Motors before his sons happiness.

I believe both movies are a crash course in how NOT to manage your employees. While the Americans who show more individual seldom or wont do that.

Discussion of the Main Framework: This transaction saves countless jobs for a small town.