2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2N / MMBT N. Discrete POWER & Signal. Technologies. PNP General Purpose Amplifier. This device is designed as a general purpose amplifier and. 2N Absolute Maximum Ratings* TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted. *These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of any semiconductor.

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When the button is pressed, the base of 2N will be connected to negative power supply and so there will be a path for the current flow. How to Use 2N Transistor?

2N Datasheet(PDF) – Motorola, Inc

Before going for working let us revise the typical characteristics of a PNP transistor: The moment the button is released the base current will reaches zero, there by turning OFF the transistor and the 2h5401. The current flow through collector is determined by the base current to a certain point.


When the transistor does not conduct the entire voltage appears across it and the motor will be OFF. It can also be used when you want a simple switching device for high voltage loads.

Consider the button is pressed: These types of circuits can be seen in telephone systems. When the base datasheeet flows out from the device it will start conducting as stated in characteristics.

2N Datasheet(PDF) – Fairchild Semiconductor

Consider the button is not pressed: In the presence of this collector current flow a voltage appears across the motor connected in series with collector pin. In the presence of the voltage the motor will start rotating and it will stay like that until the button is released.

Current drawn by load is low. TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. The PNP transistor conducts only when a threshold current flows 2m5401 the base, so the instant dataasheet base current reaches zero the device stops conducting. The device does not conduct when the current does not flow out of the base of the transistor or the device conducts only when the base current that flows out of the device reaches a threshold.


In high speed switching the trigger is provided by microcontroller instead of button. So with higher the gate current we have lower conduction resistance and higher the collector current.

In the above circuit we are using 2N as a dataxheet switching device and the switching load being small DC motor. Also the component is cheap and easy to work with. Submitted by admin on 26 November When the button is not pressed there will be no base current and with no base current the transistor will not conduct based on the characteristics of PNP transistor.

The circuit is powered from a negative voltage source of -5V DC as shown in diagram.