Giacomo Puccini’s third opera, with libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa and Marco Praga, based on L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon. Libretto Manon Lescaut. [primo interprete, sesso]. Manon. Lescaut [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Cesira Ferrani, ♀ ]. Lescaut. sergente delle guardie del re [ ♂ ]. baritono. (Lescaut): In quelle trine morbide (Manon): Madrigale (mezzo-soprano, chorus): L’ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella (Manon): Ah! Manon, mi tradisce (des Grieux).

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Puccini took some musical elements in Manon Lescaut from earlier works he had written. Des Grieux approaches Manon and tries to get behind her. A string quartet enter, take up their position at the rear, and begin to tune their instruments. Oltre ti spingi e con lieta favella, lieta novella poi vieni a recar! Si avvicina a un gruppo di fanciulle. MANON collecting more jewels and hiding them under her cloak It would be foolish to leave these gold trinkets, O my treasures, o my treasures!


Manon has been sentenced to exile in America and is taken to Le Havre with other women. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

No, non voglio morir! Sei splendida e lucente! Make this moment eternal and infinite! Si allontana dal viottolo. Dancing is a serious matter! Manon walks slowly past, her eyes downcast.

Manon Lescaut (Puccini) – Wikipedia

There lies a mystery! Hence, the edition is public domain in its country of origin or a government publication. Slime in slime I am and a depraved hero of the gambling den, I have defiled myself, sold myself. The crowd makes brutal comments during the roll call of the courtesans Chorus, Lescaut, des Grieux, Manon: Our quiet little home rang with carefree laughter and with my merry friends I often went dancing! Des Grieux and Lescaut are standing opposite the barracks where Manon is imprisoned.

In your arms, beloved, for the last time! A woman like Manon can have more than one lover.

Che gioia, cavaliere, amor mio bello! Lescaut signals to the sentry, who moves away. Do you want me to lscaut myself here? The sky is darkening around me. While Puccini and Ricordi may not have known it, the French composer Daniel Auber had also already written an opera on the same subject with the title Manon Lescautin Madelon passa indifferente e sorridendo. There I saw your destiny!


Manon Lescaut, SC 64 (Puccini, Giacomo)

E domattina in via! As I was saying: Des Grieux corre alla finestra. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Manon longs for you alone — hold me close to your breast.

Manon Lescaut – Puccini Museum

Dimmi — la luminosa mia giovinezza? Des Grieux addita il viottolo. Cortese damigella — Gentle ladyonly to learn she is destined for a convent at the will of her father.

It is just before dawn.