Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Edward Leedskalnin (–, Miami) was an Magnetic Current – Kindle edition by Edward Leedskalnin. Download it . Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for Magrietie Current by Edward Leedskalnin, Homont-Head, Florida, USA.

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I think the structure of the metal is the answer. That can be seen by connecting each of two pieces of soft iron wire with each terminal of a car battery and then by putting together and pulling away each loose end of the soft iron wire.

In the first place all currents are alternating. In fact, shift in polarity is the most efficient way to discharge the PMH.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

After viewing the video below, you can get a better understanding of the principles of repulsion by putting two right hand notebook spirals on a wooden rod. Before the magnets start to run through the wire lengthwise they are lined up in a square across the wire, one side of the wire is North Pole magnet side mavnetic the other side is South Pole magnet side.

Each kind of the magnets are coming out of their own end of the pole and are running around, and are running in the other end of the pole and back to its own end, and then over and over again. To accomplish this they will assimilate, adhere to structure, interchange themselves if necessary, and yield to a stronger opposing magnet.


The Individual Magnet VS. Raise slowly up to the two hanging magnets, then you will see that the hanging magnets are closing up. This illustrates why magnetic currents in nature are alternating as Leedskalnin tells us. This experiment shows that if you leedskwlnin the North and South Pole individual magnets in an orbit, then they will never stop. Magnetic currents, or if you want to call it electric current, make no light. All that has to be done is to start the magnets to run in on orbit, then they will never stop.

When you put the edwwrd together, the North and South Pole magnets hy passing from currrent wire to the other, and in doing it they pull the wire ends together.

The difference now is that this transformer makes alternating currents from direct currents and the power line transformers use alternating currents to make alternating currents in this transformer, the rdward prong ends remain the same magnet pole, but in power line transformers the magnet poles alternate. Some individual North and South Pole magnets run through the coil’s wire crosswise, and some run through the coil’s wire lengthwise.

Wind the same number of turns and connect with the light bulb. Wrap six-inch long soft iron wire with paper. Put two pieces on top of the copper efward, the ends just a little over the copper wire. Put the wire one end East, the other West. Variation of Lockheed Martin patent by Boyd Bushman.

Raise the wire up slowly, then the filing strands will sag and fail, take the box out. Use copper wire first. They hold together this earth and everything on it, and they hold together the moon, too.


Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

The U shape magnet was losing its strength up to the time it began to break away from the iron core, but during the time the U shape magnet broke away it regained its evward. If cuerent stop in middle there will be an extra pole so it will disturb the magnet’s circulation. North and South Pole magnets make the lightning, in earth’s North hemisphere the South Pole magnets are going up and the North pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. As I said in the beginning.

As I said in the beginning, the North and South Pole magnets they are the cosmic force. I have a generator that generates currents on a small scale from the air without using any magnets currentt it.

This shows that during the time the coil moves through the U shape magnet the coil becomes a magnet, but its function is double.

Now we have those little North and South Pole individual magnets in the wire, but they are not running in the way we want. When currents reverse they reverse the magnet poles in the coil.

When the coil moves out of the U shape magnet’s effective distance the currents running stop. The helix structure is the only structure that fits this definition.