Doing without Concepts. Edouard Machery. Abstract. Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 Thanks to Ted Sider and Ross Cameron for helpful comments and discussion. Doing Without Concepts. By Edouard Machery . Edouard Machery. Doing without Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press . pages. $ (cloth ISBN –0–19––0). The title is apt to.

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The work Machery reviews consists of abundant experiments from the last forty years on various topics, including: Malt – – Mind and Language 25 5: This book argues that the dominant psychological theories of concepts fail to provide such a framework and that drastic conceptual changes are required to make sense of the research on concepts in psychology and neuropsychology.

Concepts Are Not a Natural Kind. Now, to be sure, it’s hard to say what a concept is that can serve this purpose. As such, psychologists and philosophers are engaging in different projects when they talk about concepts, and Machery reviews some cases in which this has caused confusion.

Evidence for the Existence of Concepts 3. Philosophy in Review 33 2: Keeping this notion would slow down, and maybe prevent, the development of a more adequate classification and would overshadow the theoretical and empirical issues that are raised by this more adequate classification.

Machery worries about how the philosophical and psychological interests in concepts could be connected pp. Alternative Views of Concepts 6.

Sign in to use this feature. Philosophers, by contrast, usually means something like this: Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

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Doing without Concepts – Paperback – Edouard Machery – Oxford University Press

Doing Without Concepts, by Edouard Machery. This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. Fodor argues that this is where not only the whole of cognitive science, but the entire twentieth century went wrong [Fodor].

Glymour – – Mind The notion of concept has encouraged psychologists to believe that a single theory of concepts could be developed, leading to useless theoretical controversies between the dominant paradigms of concepts. According to these views, the identity conditions for a concept are to a first approximation provided not by some condition internal to a thinker, but by relations the thinker bears to phenomena in the external conccepts.

Doing without Concepts – Oxford Scholarship

That’s all that’s needed to refute the traditional, purely internalist view. What is a Psychological Theory of Concepts? Even their most ardent proponents would agree that at best they suggest a strategy for allowing for conceptual stability across people.

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Search my Subject Specializations: Edouard Machery – – Philosophical Studies 3: But our empirical knowledge about concepts has yet to be organized in a coherent framework.

Examples of Multi-Process Theories Chapter 6. This stability is surely of interest both to philosophy and psychology, framing the questions of what people could learn, and what might be the limits of reason and thought. This article has no associated abstract. Kevan Edwards – – Philosophical Psychology 24 1: Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive ideas on causal cognition, the development of neo-empiricist theories of concepts, and the inputs of the budding neuropsychology of concepts.

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Doing without Concepts

Machery shows that the class of concepts divides into several distinct kinds that have little in common with one another and that for this very reason, it is a mistake to attempt to encompass all known phenomena within a single theory of concepts.

For example, the prototype of pet fish does not seem to be a function of the prototypes of pet and fish individually, and there isn’t a prototypical non-fish. Print Save Cite Email Share. Review of Machery, ‘Doing Without Concepts’. Andrew Woodfield – – Analysis 70 1: On the face of it, concepts are the stuff of which psychological claims and explanations are made. Request removal from index.

Moreover, we seem to possess distinct processes for learning these kinds of concepts, and also distinct processes for categorizing. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Why isn’t the moral here merely that, in fixing their beliefs, people make use of whatever they think works, and what works varies? There are a number of important reasons dolng think not.

Review of Machery, ‘Doing Without Concepts’

Edouard MacheryWihout. This is a piece of the hard problem of “intentionality” that Brentano brought to modern attention, a problem that, as these things go, has standardly fallen to philosophy to discuss.

Two Inconclusive Arguments against the Notion of Concept 2. Andrew Woodfield – – Analysis 70 1: To clarify what Machery means, I will summarize his book. Replies to My Critics. Theoretical Notions and Their Operationalization.