Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . Language English. An Introduction to Chaos Magic. Identifier LiberNullAndThePsychonaut. Identifier-ark ark://t47p93v Ocr ABBYY FineReader LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut .

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Talismans, amulets nkll fetishes are charged by a process analogous to evocation. Learned nothing from this book. They show themselves as various animals and they show themselves in metals and in stones.

I think it is a dance between switching between different parts of your brain. These beings consist of a portion of Kia or the life libeg attached to some aetheric matter, the whole of which may or may not be attached pssychonautik ordinary matter.

Metamorphosis The transmutation of the mind to magical consciousness has often been called the Great Work. The second is a specific against obsession with the magical practices in the third section. To prevent the shock causing awakening, the experience should be repeated several times. Yet he has to seek the blueprint for his reborn self as he goes along. To seek these qualities is to achieve more liberation than any bizarre feat of renunciation or reorganization of political power is likely to create.

Every phenomenon is seen to be caused by some previous thing. And while the magick stuff is intriguing and thought provoking Carroll offers some rather cogent arguments for magickeven if you just pay attention to the personal development elements, this book is invaluable.


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The part of their Kia or life force which was upholding the normal reality is forcibly altered when the abnormal occurs. The Goetic tradition of the grimoires uses an additional technique. It is only as notorious as the magician wills it. The author pdychonautik the pubhsher will not accept any responsibility for misuse of this material, nor will they accept any responsibility for anything that may occur when readers use the exercises discussed here.

I am genuinely curious what the point of the book is.

Existentialists, Occultists, People who want a kick of liberation. The best methods of obtaining symbolic intermediate results are those which are just below the threshold of deliberateness, but above the threshold of pure randomness.

To demonstrate different ways things are done? For without the flesh, Kia has no mirror for itself, and there is no awareness, no ecstacy, nothing. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I also must admit I was hesitant of getting this because I read a bit of it in a book store and honestly was disappointed when I did read it. If this type of magic is attempted with a number of people working in perfect synchronization, it works much better.

Books by Peter J. Ritual is a combination of the use of talismanic weapons, gesture, visualized sigils, word spells, and magical trance. Man contains the essences of all the gods. By devoting oneself to something, even if irrational, to make the Kierkegardian leap of faith, is what makes life worth living.

Even when it is exteriorized in the body’s image it is not necessarily visible to ordinary perception.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Most of all they show themselves in the mind of man impelling him to love, to war, to fortune, or to disaster. Some magicians attempting to go too fast with this invocation have failed to banish this demon, and have gone spectacularly insane as a result. This book was interesting.


Peter J. Carroll

Those wishing to notify the Order of their intention to begin the work are invited to do so via the publisher. To develop a banishing ritual, first acquire a magical weapon — a sword, a dagger, a wand, or perhaps a large ring. Psychonaut is a manual comprising the theory and practice of magic aimed atthose seeking to perform group magic, or who work as shamanic priests to the community.

Kia has incarnated in these particular conditions of duality for some purpose.

A natural inclination toward the darker side of magic is as good a point as any from which to begin the ultimate quest, and half this piber is devoted to the black arts. When this much has been attained there is no limit to what he may eventually achieve. All one’s thoughts, obsessions, and demons must be reabsorbed before Kia can become one with Psychonajtik.

But with or without these adjuncts, it is intense, prolonged concentration which imbues these devices with power. The operation of obtaining the knowledge and conversation is usually a lengthy one.

Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An introduction to chaos magic (PDF) : fifthplateau

Personal blood sacrifice may be made to a magical weapon, or it may be made the focus of an orgiastic rite and anointed with sexual fluids. Eventually flie sound may seem to repeat itself automatically and may even occur in sleep.

There is nothing that is not an omen about something else to him that but has the wit to know it.