“La lettre du général Albert Pike à Giuseppe Mazzini du fut révélée par le Commodore William Guy Carr () dans son livre. Albert Pike (December 29, – April 2, ) was an American attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason. Contents. 1 Early life; 2 Journalist and lawyer.

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The books written by both of these authors contain a great deal of useful information on the occult and secret societies.

But now that dishonor has submerged everything in the Masonic Order, that is to say, it has invaded to the central and supreme direction, it is my duty to withdraw definitively from Upper Masonry. The confession of Taxil, the French Freethinker, who first exposed Catholics and then Masons, makes interesting reading bearing on the present situation today. Ten months later, on March 31,Taxil died.

The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it? They attempt to use the Taxil hoax as proof that Masonry is actually a wholesome and acceptable belief system. You can donate via the Paypal button or use the Blue fields below for additional donation options. He also continued writing poetry, a hobby he had begun in his youth in Massachusetts. Burial was against his wishes; he had left instructions for his body to be cremated.

Who was Albert Pike?

And my retreat, I make it not only with the feeling of escaping from this tide of mud which rises so ldttre, but also with the certainty that Masonic orthodoxy itself is the most monstrous of errors. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods: Lifestyle Magick What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above.


Memorial at the Municipal Center in Washington, D.

Souvenirs of a Thirty-Third: Settling in Arkansas inPike taught in a school and wrote a series of articles for the Little Rock Arkansas Advocate under the pen name of “Casca. Morals and Dogma page Third, if they have taken those Degrees where they have sworn to persecute unto death those who violate their Masonic obligations, let them be asked whether albfrt really intend to do any such thing.

When Pike was ordered in May to send troops to Arkansas, he resigned in lettrw. Pike told Senator Edward W. Introduction to Conspiratorial History. So once more the trail leads back to Taxil.

WW3 – Albert Pike and the Three World Wars

Adriano Lemmi, supreme leader of the Freemasons, Domenico Margiotta, ed. In this capacity he negotiated several treatiesone of the most important being with Cherokee chief John Rosswhich was concluded in Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

A life of Albert Pike. This site uses cookies. Bob Taylor’s Magazine Several volumes of his works were privately published posthumously by his daughter.

Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. Or if they mean to countenance the profanity of their ceremonies, and the partiality of their sworn practice. These two forces exist in physics, philosophy and religion. Too happy I am of having broken the chains that your Great Architect imposes; too much joy I have to xlbert that I am more than resigned […] Memories of a Thirty-Third: He specialized in claims on behalf of Native Americans against the federal government.


Le Diablev. Oak Hill Cemetery Washington, D.

His poems were highly regarded in his day, but are now mostly forgotten. Written By Tony K July Restif and Babeuf, in turn, were influenced by Rousseau – as was the most famous conspirator of them all, Adam Weishaupt.

That is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, as well as, after them, the Gnostics, the Manicheans and the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of the two divine principles fighting eternally, and one cannot believe the one inferior in power to the other.

I will not attempt to reinvent the wheel here, mzzzini I discovered Terry Melanson has actually covered it pretty thoroughly in the following article:.

As a young man of letters, Pike wrote poetry, and he continued to do so for the rest of his life. He and his commander, Colonel John Selden Roanehad several differences of opinion.