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However, I’m going to give the book a free pass on the language and writing style, because the translation was just awful – the phrasing niezwycoezony consistently awkward, and there were definitely examples of the wrong word completely being used – like “Alarmed” instead of “Alerted.


To ask other readers questions about The Invincibleplease sign up. Ostensibly they are there to discover the crew of The Condor, but their whole mission comes into question, and by extension the whole justification for human exploration of strange and hostile worlds is also put under the microscope.

This whole section of the book is so well written and does such an incredible job of setting a mystery in place for a nezwyciezony that I would have much rather have read, unfortunately, the story only goes downhill in quality from there.

I found myself wondering of any of the creative team on the recent film Big Hero 6 had read this novel, as the “microbots” in niezwyciezonh movie act very similarly to those in the book; albeit the Regis III version being autonomous.

I’ll remain open to giving another of Lem’s books a try!

The Invincible

Nov 14, Nikola Pavlovic rated it it was amazing. A lot of it just didn’t make sense. Lem became truly productive afterwhen the de-Stalinization period led to the “Polish October”, when Poland experienced an increase in freedom of speech. From the beginning there is an undercurrent of tension implying that the crew has been together in space a little too long. Lirio Dendron rated it it was ok Feb 05, The Invincible is a story about a spaceship that lands on a faraway planet to investigate the ill-fated final mission of another ship called the Condor.


The latter part of the book deals with the confrontation with these beings.

These swarms display complex behavior arising from self-organization and can incapacitate any intelligent threat by a powerful surge of electromagnetic niezwycirzony. Both, interpreted through the lens of ‘s Stalin, invoke the folly of mankind’s single minded assumption of domination over the diversity of the universe. The author tries an in my opinion succeeds to elegantly avoid going straight to the main issue of the book at least in the first half of it, instead he chooses to grow a wall of suspense around the whole plot.

Retrieved from ” https: Could you please change it? Lem has a thematic purpose for the story. A translation into German was published in ; an English translation by Wendayne Ackerman, based on the German one, was published in Additionally, there is an awesome bit of future tech where a couple of scientists hook up a machine to a frozen corpse to see what their last memories were.

Jul 03, Tracey rated it liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in noezwyciezony your Goodreads account.

He was the cousin of poet Marian Hemar. There is a tease of conflict between two of the high-ranking officers on the ship that never really comes to fruition in the story, and I found myself not even really being able to tell characters apart from one another, they all seemed like caricatures that were simply written into a story.

Cinematic, would make a good SF movie. During the investigation, the crew finds evidence of a form of quasi-life, born through evolution of autonomous, self-replicating machinesapparently left behind by an alien civilization which had inhabited the planet a very long time ago.

Turning to The Invincible itself, it is a classic take of alien contact and rumination on the nature of human and non-human in this case non-organic intelligence, and the possible futility of trying to communicate with a truly alien intelligence at niezwycieozny. Views Read Edit View history.

  CERTINA 25-651 PDF

I had a hard time believing, for example, that if manned space flight to other planets was achieved, that technology would be unable to do something like analyze a planet’s atmospheric content from within the spaceship, without going outside with no protective gear, lm a manual gadget.

TrumanCoyote rated it it was ok Mar 30, Trivia About The Invincible. Want to Read saving…. To taki Schopenhauer nifzwyciezony fantastyki naukowej. Want to Read saving….

Dowolnik: “Niezwyciężony” Stanisław Lem – audiobook

Pavel rated it it was ok Aug 17, When the investigative team noezwyciezony at the remains of the Condor a chunk of about thirty pages begins that has a lovely sense of anxiety and horror. With this book Lem is at his best. And even if it contained some interesting futurist concepts for the ‘s The Invincible is really just an adventure story about men meeting an alien hive collective they can’t really figure out or conquer using military force.

In he published his first non-fiction, philosophical book, Dialogi Dialoguesone of his two most famous philosophical texts along with Summa Technologiae InTheodore Sturgeon claimed that Lem was the most widely read science-fiction writer in the world.

The robotic ” fauna “, dubbed “necrosphere”, has become part of niezwtciezony planet’s ecologyand would require a disruption on a planetary scale such as a nuclear winter to be destroyed.

Given that perspective, it is quite fascinating how popular his works became. Two of my favourite quotes: In Invincible Lem continues the theme he had started in Solaris – he contemplates on the limits of human cognition and principal unknowability of the world.