LEGO #: The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in. The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in LEGO Power. 65 Items ItemName: Lego Supercar, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world’s largest online.

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It is a shame that they do not include the second build instructions, you can only get them as a download! This next image shows the rear spoiler, the first mechanical function to be completed.

I would love to get this car and the unimog. The engine and steering work, as does the spoiler and the mechanisms for the doors and hood.

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The had no motorized functions either. I am sure this can be remedied easily though. Although the newer set may be less realistic in that regard, it is actually much more complicated. So take leg pick in different colors I agree with you guys that it would have been nicer technci the motor being optional. I only noticed this set last week at toys-r-us for the buy one get one half off sale.

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I wondered when someone would notice that. We’ve been techniv for years that it has been too long since the last Supercar, and we’ve opined at length concerning what we’d like to see in a new one.


Quite different than Crowkiller’s Gallardo in functionality. Llego with the “Test Car”, that changed. The front of the box shows the main model and then the functions within the orange Power Functions band on the right. When looking underneath the hood, you get to see and then customize a V8 engine.

The rear spoiler “hides” under the rear deck.

LEGO Super Car Instructions , Technic

Edited February 28, by TechnicJuan. The older models took a single input wheels and converted to a single output engine at either 4 or 6 ratios. But the functionality seems great and the set looks pretty good even though I usually don’t like front-engine supercars.

The Murcielago adds suspension, so that gets closer. Thanks for another superb review. The model could easily have been put into one book. Once you build all 1, Technic pieces, you’ll have 18 inches by 8 inches of one original hot rod. In short, I really was wanting to see a review, and I didn’t technid to wait long. Also JunkstyleGio, the part that “Got Lost” from the front spoiler appears to technnic this panel.

At the USA price, it is a great deal even for hechnic. Between the scissor doors, the axle, the wheel, and the realistic approach to an actual car, constructing the Supercar can become a project hobby that will stretch both your imagination and your building skills. It is a royal pain to use the battery box switch to change motor direction because it never wants to stop in the middle.


I agree with all your points, and would add the following to the list: I don’t consider buying technicc though, I think it’s too pricy for what you get.

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There are 8 leto arms new narrower size4 of the wheel hubs, a differential, two transmission driving rings, 4 stiff shock absorbers, 6 steering links, 4 CV joints dogbonesand 2 of the new CV sockets the only new parts in the set. As I’ve said before, the styling of this car with it’s enormous hood make it look like a Dodge Viper to me, though it should be a V then.

The use leho the new panels really improves the appearance of the car. Even though LEGO instructions never put on the wheels until the hechnic, I can’t resist putting the rolling stock on a completed chassis, shown in the first image. This is a great way to get started on building your own supercar with lego technic studless beams. How does it compare the crane truck in size?

In short, I really was wanting to see a review, and I didn’t have to wait long Thanks for the review! The back of the box shows the alternate hot rod model. Thanks for taking that picture. Register a new account.