Explorien Starship Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: Explorien Explorien Nova Hunter Ann Theme: Space Exploriens Explorien Starship is an Exploriens set released in LEGO → System → Space → Exploriens. Largest set from the LEGO Space Exploriens series now out of manufacture! Includes FOUR Exploriens minifigures, including a rare droid figure! Contains Download official LEGO® building instructions online for , EXPLORER’S SPACE SHIP, LEGO Space and get building fast!.

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The black plates that extend out to the webbed dishes and printed slopes will eventually be the secondary cockpits. The assembly is hinged, so it can rotate from the wing in toward leg hull.

My nostalgia tells me the Classic Space minifigs are superior to any other space fig. I found this to be a cool function but the purpose of doing this is still confusing me.

The pet peeve for me with this set and it’s not really to do with the set design, but instead parts quality is that 698 handful of the white pieces have yellowed quite a lot due to exposure to air. Unfortunately, if you put the minifigs in the cockpit and at the workstations, this area lfgo left empty Ann is usually left in the Mini-rover, especially during flight.

And the hologramed tile looks fantastic.


LEGO SET 6982-1 – Explorien Starship

None of the minifigs have any back printing. Edited April 27, by ZO6. I’ve never used them outside of this set.

The lefo tiles are one of my pet peeves. This system works much better than the cockpit lock, despite the wings being much longer and heavier than the cockpit.

LEGO Explorien Starship Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Posted August 8, The technic axle does the actual locking. Vintage Personaggi Uomo Droid Lego parts lot Exploriens Star Ship 2 wing parts.

As you can see, the sheath protecting the cannon in back are connected to the wings, and not to the main hull. Just above the rover you can see the cannon peeking out from its sheath. BricklinkPeeronBrickset Instructions Front The front of the instruction manual shows the Starship flying legl, while the rover and on e of the humans hunt for fossils. Amazon Back to Store List.

This set is just plain big. The tiles with the buttons is one of my favorite control panels.

Instructions for 6982-1 – Explorien Starship

The low number of minifigs is disappointing, but typical for the large vehicles in each space theme. Brussels Sat Jan leo, Apparently in the future, all humans are redheads. Berlin Tue Dec 25, Thanks to your review, I can now see that my admiration was misplaced. If you think that a mere four studs is too little to hold the cockpit, especially when it can hang down, you’d be right. I loved the late 80s space theme a lot, but then I “grew too old” for lego Not so in the Exploriens line.


The set consists of a front pilot area, a skinny middle section with some areas to hold weapons and the back area, which has the gigantic laser beam. In this view, you can see the pin that holds the Mini-rover to the back of the Explorien Starship. I want you to pay lgo attention to those two hinges at the top rear of the cockpit. The Mini-rover build is very straight-forward. You said there were ways to reinforce the set.

As such, it deserves it’s own section in this review. Berlin Fri Jan 04, Explorien Chief aus Set The area directly behind the cockpit is a very spacious workroom with a hologram in the middle for communication with other Exploriens. I just have to say, great review! Leyo stanchion is the only one I own in my collection.

Rome Sun Jan 06, Fairly easy, but a little care is still necessary. The back section also has two long arms that can move up and down and swivel.

The back of the instructions show some alternate builds.