Over bonsai of most species and styles are displayed at the most prestigious bonsai exhibition in the world with the longest history, the Kokufu-ten. Together with travel agency, Nippon Express, we have assembled a unique tour to the Kokufu-ten and the famous bonsai gardens of Japan. Besides this, there. First held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in with the aim of improving bonsai art and developing traditional Japanese culture, the “Kokufu Bonsai.

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The NBA publishes a high-quality catalog or photo book afterwards to commemorate each show see below photos. There were NO signs and not every one knew about the show. About Us Help Center. Is there a suggested donation to enter this place? I heard on several occasions that the trees in the Green Club would be better that those in the exhibit.

Is this attraction accessible using public transportation? The show does not open until Tuesday. Masahiko Kimura had worked on 55 pieces that were on display, which is down from over 70 a few years ago.

The Kokufu-ten draws people from all over the world, many of whom are coming to shop for bonsai at the Green Club. Considering that each shohin bonsai composition had six main bonsai and a side tree all very consistent which shows the current taste of display and most medium size exhibits had two trees nearly individual specimens were shown.

The award goes with the tree, and everyone knows which tree received the award. Forty-five trees were listed as important Bonsai Masterpieces.

Kokufu Bonsai-Ten (Taito) – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) – TripAdvisor

The town of Asakusa, developed around Sensoji temple, has many shops selling goods and clothing from old Japan, making it a great place for souvenir hunting. It must go through a handler who brings the tree in for judging in January and cares for the tree. There were two foreign American exhibitors in Therefore the lures used appeal to these fish the most, and the most appealing lures are big [physically and in the range equivalent to several tens of thousands of US dollars].


Additionally there were 44 medium-size compositions, each having a minimum of two main bonsai, plus companion plantings. Selling trees and attracting clients is how these men feed their families.

Kokufu Bonsai-Ten, Taito: Address, Phone Number, Kokufu Bonsai-Ten Reviews: 4.5/5

The shikishi board is often displayed with the bonsai when exhibited in other shows. Spacious Ueno Park is a great place to relax and visit a variety of different museums and galleries.

For the year there were displays including only six shohin compositions. Remember that many artists are necessary to create masterpieces.

As much as 27 centimetres — Chinese quince Pseudocydonia sinensis. The show then resumes. In Part 2 there were only four shohin bonsai compositions which each had more than five specimens. As vendors kkokufu a little more for exhibit space inside the Green Club, it is typically filled with higher-quality wares. For the show there were six National Prize winners see about halfway down the page. That year, for the first time in modern history, photographs were allowed, kojufu without flash.

Japanese flowering apricot, ,okufu juniper, Ezo spruce, Korean hornbeam, and a Japanese five-needle pine. Although taking place in the dead of winter, kokuf is forced to bloom or bud early for the show.

Perhaps four dozen vendors are inside the building there and another five dozen are outside. It is very common to have one bonsai displayed in the Sakufu Ten and then have it displayed in the Kokufu Ten tn different names only a month or two apart.

This style of display is often seen as boring or static, however, by Westerners. For the show there were five National Prizes: Sometimes the display tables and pots are rented to the owner for display, sometimes sold. They can be identified by small metal tags hanging on a branch or a silver colored metal plaque. The shimpaku juniper from the first half which was awarded a Kokufu prize had also been designed and displayed by Kimura for a client.


In a given year there may be anywhere from one to five of the prizes awarded. The upper floor showcased the shohin and small bonsai. It also had displays, 26 kicho Bonsaiand 55 medium size bonsai.

The LED lighting is a bit harsh on many trees and some are nearly impossible to photograph. There were 18 Important Bonsai Masterpieces or kicho bonsai in the exhibition. The number of entries decreased slightly as [some] owners did not want their prize bonsai displayed in the Industrial Trade Center, they preferred the Art Museum. Valavanis ‘ trip members from overseas, on his own, went to the exhibit and had a difficult time finding it.

Japanese black pine Pinus thunbergiiDwarf kumquat Fortunella sp. The printer then produced the guide overnight.

It is very rare that a bonsai masterpiece has only one artist. Needle juniper Juniperus rigida.

Kokufu-ten Bonsai Tour – Bjorn Bjorholm

The bonsai exhibition is open to the general public and is always seen by crowds. Congratulations go to Shinji Suzuki whose clients won three out of these four Kokufu Prize winners. Setting up the show is a communal effort, so after one’s trees are unloaded and set up with a little help from friendsthe next few hours are spent helping other nurseries, for instance, complete their displays. View of the 92nd Kokufu ten,Part I, before the main crowds. Kimura worked on 70 to 80 trees of the show, both deciduous and evergreen specimens.

Since its opening inthe museum has been very popular among citizens as a venue for public exhibitions by nationally and internationally renowned fine arts organizations.