The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire) [Jennifer Probst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The sizzling first book in the New York . Back to Books. **The Marriage Bargain ranked #6 on Amazon’s Best Books of !** THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN. Book 1 of the Marriage to a Billionaire series . Jennifer Probst – Marriage to a Billionaire series. Jennifer Probst – The Marriage Bargain (Book 1).epub. KB. Jennifer Probst – The Marriage Trap (Book 2).

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She believed booklovers came from two different worlds, and was determined to serve both. But inside she thought maybe he sought beauty through building as she did with words.

In the spirit of fairness, I can’t criticize The Marriage Bargain for being exactly what every other romance is. She refused to follow him around like a little kid. What if he was only kidding himself thinking he could have a normal marriage with Alex, when he knew the legal and emotional odds ahead? Alexa is vulnerable cause she always had a thing for him and she fears she’ll fall in love if they get too close to each other.

Am I a silly quim? I was bored and looking for a bit of entertainment.

This book didn’t rock my world but it was pleasant and undemanding. Her heart had been broken. I was already in high anticipatory mode when I started on the book, knowing that Jennifer would not disappoint me. They made their way back through the crowd, dispelling good-bys, and met Jed at the door.

Marriage to a Billionaire Series by Jennifer Probst

If a guy prides himself on rational analysis, then he can’t possibly believe the truly stupid propositions that love doesn’t exist I made it almost all the way through this before my loathing for Nick finally overcame my desire to see Alexa happy. Sort of the antithesis of Ana Steele. Nicholas Ryan is a billionaire looking for a wife prohst that he can fulfill a requirement made in his uncle’s will.


And a murder would be committed. A huge roar of approval for the fight rose from the crowd, like they were teenagers in a cafeteria mardiage than grown ups at a holiday party.

I like to find out for myself through reading what the characters look like, and a cover like that gets in the way of that. Alexa is N An incredibly fun, light, humorous and sexy read! Frustration nipped at her nerves. Her obvious disgust with the ability to te balance large objects on her body made Maggie press her lips together in a desperate effort to smother a laugh. Now bargaim is writing again.

Keep things all business. He pays you well, you accompany him to some functions, and the year is up.

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A woman who is not overly emotional or impulsive. She noted the quick surprise shimmer in his eyes, followed by raw, male satisfaction. Their voices rose and fell in one of their ridiculous arguments, and then the house filled with silence.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. She clucked in sympathy and perched on the arm of the slate gray sofa. Probst you did a fantastic job What man would not take the pain for his woman? Her sense of humor, her loyalty and kindness, the way that she gives everything she has got with no expectations of gaining anything back in return were some of those traits that drew me towards her in the same way way that Nick continued to be as the story progressed.


Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Mar 20, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: Maggie chewed on her lower lip. Maggie preened and put every peacock in the world to shame. What a waste like it was written by an oversexed 4 year old.

Like her Chex cereal, Alexa thought. Lists with This Book. She heard him cry out; felt him try to drag her back up his body but she was too far gone, needed him in the most intimate way a woman could love a man, and she moved her lips over his hard shaft and pleasured him until she pushed him to the edge of control.

Contemporary romance Alexa squirmed in her seat as the silence in the BMW stretched between them. She stroked his head, adjusting his Mets bandanna, and let the peace of the animal settle her nerves. That was the only quality she related to.

N ice and short.

Keep things all business. I liked it, but I’m not sure if I loved it. But i adore his love towards alexa. It’s a gorgeous picture, so it’s not that. Alexa and Nick were childhood friends that grew into teen crushes, but unfortunately with time they lost contact.