JCT’s Home Owner Contracts are designed specifically for people looking for the benefits and protection of a contract when appointing consultants or contractors. This contract is for a home owner/occupier who has not appointed a consultant to administer the contract. The customer deals directly with the contractor. Please note that you do not need a subscription to purchase Homeowner Contracts which are only available as pdfs. The subscription service supports online.

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How changes to the services are to be dealt with. Under both contract the employer may terminate the contract, subject to a minimum of 7 days notice, for contrxct. Delays arising from weather will always be tricky and may not be limited to exceptionally adverse weather as that would rely on the adoption of an implied term.

Working hours and facilities which the contractor can use. Q Will the site accept my credit card if I live outside the UK? You will then need to check the box on page 6 that you are jcct the contract for one project, save the file and click the Print Draft button.

In practice my sense is that many employers ask their builder to use a certain party yet neither contract makes any provision. Q How do I know which contract I need? The stages need to be carefully defined and quantified so as to avoid front loading or advance payments from occurring which is largely avoided by payments in arrears for work completed under MW The length of time the work will take.

However, the Minor Works contract is in fact quite a sophisticated document and, although intended for smaller projects domestic or conntract, can be used on larger ones provided that the project requirements are relatively straightforward. If you want to print and share a draft of your contract prior to finalising it, you will need to complete Page 2 of the document fully, and without using abbreviations.


A This contract is designed hct use by the private consumer engaging a builder. The customer deals directly with the contractor. Adobe Reader must be used to open your contract. Real Estate and Construction. The following should help to answer most questions you have. The Draft Scottish Budget If this is the case it should also be made clear in homeowhers tender documents so the contractor may allow for appropriate screening and temporary works, and agreement should be reached with the contractor over suitable arrangements.

A You will receive an order confirmation email that can be used a VAT receipt. The insurance provisions under MW11 are more sophisticated and provide for a greater range of projects though homeowjers the case of a hokeowners occupier the contractor should have insurance in place for the works clause 5.

This contract is mct for use by the private consumer engaging a builder. Since the publishing of the Hackitt Interim Report in December and the Final Report in Maythe Government has been under increasing pressure to revise building regulations Who conrract apply for planning permission, building regulation approval and party wall consents.

Most commercial buildings, such as offices and shopping centres, are built using JCT contracts. Q Can I get a refund on my Homeowner Contracts? Coming to and Investing in the UK.

Building Contract for a Home Owner

Can I use the contract more than once? How will I receive the contract? Scottish Real Estate In Neither HO09 or MW11 provides for the appointment of named or nominated sub-contractors thus avoiding a complicated area of contract law.

In all likelihood it will depend on the situation and how familiar your contractor is with the JCT suite of contracts. See our Corporate site for more: It is not suitable for other purposes.

The building contract sets out: If you have any problems downloading your Home Owner Contracts email us at jct. Our Vision is Simple I will need a receipt for my homeiwners purchase, how can I get one?



Want to buy a downloadable PDF version? Opening the contract using a different PDF reader will corrupt your contract. Both parties’ health and safety contravt.

The contracts are suitable for use in England and Wales. If these things are agreed at the beginning then the potential for disputes is dramatically reduced.

JCT Homeowners Contracts • Frequently Asked Questions

You will then need to check the box on Page 6 to confirm that you are using the contract for one project only, and then save to your designated destination, e. Webinar – Construction Law Update: Furthermore, both contracts do not allow for either commencement or completion in contractually binding phases, so if this is required, the Intermediate Building Contract may be more suited rather than amending the contracts.

This is a risk which may be quite high with certain projects, such as those on tight urban sites or in close proximity to old buildings, and in such cases it may be advisable to take out a special policy for the benefit of the employer.

If you want to show the contractor the contract before finalising you uct save and print draft versions of the contract. Both HO09 and MW11 only allow for homeownesr start and completion date and there is no specific requirement in both to produce a programme although there is nothing to prevent such a requirement being included in the specification.

How do I know which contract I need? It is suitable for small domestic building work, such as extensions and alterations. Q How will I receive the contract?