Israel Regardie – The Middle Pillar – edited and annotated with new material by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero – Note: Pour. MIDDLE. PILLAR. The Balance Between. Mind and Magic. Israel Regardie edited and annotated with new material by. Chic Cicero. Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Israel Regardie’s book, The Art of True Healing, is an instruction in how to do The Middle Pillar Ritual Meditation. Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard.

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Cancellaria, is an international Order with Temples in several countries. A very good book. Rather, stop where you are and complete Step Eight with the progress you have made.

The God name to be vibrated three or four times is Shah-dai El Chai. Philosophy, psycho-spiritual theory and modern magic.

The Middle Pillar : The Balance Between Mind and Magic

As such, there has been much growth in the practice of this exercise over the years. Then, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, visualize the images fading and becoming invisible. Refresh and try again. Pilllar 10, Aaron Meyer rated it really liked it Shelves: Here the beam widens into a ball of light that is not quite as big as the one above.

The Balance Between Mind and Magic. At this point you should be visualizing simultaneously the brilliant sphere above your head, the smaller ball of light at the base of your neck, and the beam of light connecting the two.


I’m just glad the Ciceros worked on making this particular book even more accessible. Regardie expanded upon it and made it public over 60 years ago in the first edition of this book.

If at any point you have trouble or difficulty in forming a sphere of light or a beam of light, do NOT struggle for minutes on end until you break out in a sweat. Above all, try to get your mind into a still, quiet, and calm state. The Cicero portion of the book contains numerous examples of and different uses of the qabalistic cross as well as the middle pillar exercise.

There are two types of alchemy that often overlap, both of which concerning the transformation of something basic into something more pure. I mean I will go back to it, and I definitely like the key statement that psychotherapy is maybe the first “ritual” someone should learn on their journey into magic, but for now, I don’t know–I just never want to be reminded that I am reading a book written in the s when I am actually doing that, which is obvs more my problem than Regardie’s.

Much to his surprise, he discovers an answer in a The Ciceros also provide other versions of “The Middle Pillar” and “Pentagram Ritual,” as well as variations to take them to the next level once you have achieved basic proficiency in each. This concept of sticking with a book for a year may seem daunting, but it can also be magickally empowering. If you want to know about the Middle Pillar, then this is the book for you.


A core work for advancement of the self. He particularly draws from Analytical Psychology and C. Ps Regardie may get a lot of flack from Crowleyites, and if you are one, I suggest reading Regardie’s material and making up your own mind about his character from his own writings. They have also added new material in a separate section that more than doubles the size of the book with their valuable insights and knowledge. Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn.

True knowledge of one’s self is also necessary in the field of psychoanalysis. Armyand then moved to Los Angeles where he opened a chiropractic practice and taught psychiatry.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? See 2 questions about The Middle Pillar….

Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie » Into the Soul

His training encompassed Freudian, Jungian and Reichian methods. Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard of this, and so would many with an interest in Western occultism. Now in its third edition, The Middle Pillar is better than ever.