Editions. Here be Dragons . Sharon Penman · Paperback. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Hive · Waterstones · Amazon. An absorbing. Set in the 13th Century, Here Be Dragons is the story of King John and his England. A paradoxical man, he was charming, generous, clever — and he was. Thirteenth-century Wales is a divided country, ever at the mercy of England’s ruthless, power-hungry King John. Then Llewelyn, Prince of North.

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There were only a handful of names during the 13th Century so names like Will were credited to at least four characters and two of them with the same last name since children were given their parents’ names I can’t even remember how many Rhys characters there were.

I have to say, that thought kept me going. Overall, it’s good stuff, and I would certainly recommend to historical fiction fans and those interested in sampling the genre. I have to say, reading historical fiction like this is one of the best ways to learn about history, especially since it gains context, is comprehensible, you get to know the people and remember who they are and where they fit into the bigger picture.

Even though it is a very long book I never want it to finish for it maintains my fu I really don’t think I need to write a long involved review for the truly magnificent and very well known novel ‘Here be Dragons’ by Sharon Penman. I LOVE historical fiction.

Despite his dubious descendants, I was drwgons fond of Ednyfed as a character. Just a book she had read a long time ago that she remembered loving.

Here be Dragons (Welsh Princes, #1) by Sharon Kay Penman

Refresh and dragns again. I was so sorry to reach the last page. Even though it is a very long book I never want it to finish for it maintains my full interest and fascination throughout and leaves me always wanting more. It will stay in your memoryas it brings the subject matter alive. Oh boy, I am glad that I stuck it out. Joanna becomes determined that her own son, Dafydd, will be his father’s heir as ruler of Gwynedd, disregarding the Welsh law that all sons should receive equal shares of their father’s pdnman.


I found them all ultimately sympathetic, but there’s a lot of gray area and controversial decisions, just what I like in fiction. Not mean, not at all, but too self-indulgent while at the same time too distant from others, from those who would be her friends.

Joanna has her dramatic crisis when she takes a lover for all the wrong reasons. I wish I was just starting this book. I often felt like I lost track heere the characters due to their rapid aging; Llewelyn, for instance, pops in and out of dragoons narrative for the first 20 years covered, draagons distant from the reader up until his marriage with Joanna. I have learned the hard way that life goes on hold when I am in the grips of this magnificent story.

And trust me, no one was yawning. Flap copy “A masterful picture of Wales in the 13th century Joanna is placed in secluded captivity, but at the end of the book Llewelyn comes to find her and offers her forgiveness.

In Penguin reissued a paperback edition. Obviously, the fiction comes from the interplay between characters and description of feelings, her can’t ever be wholly known, but I think the author did a great job of infusing historical figures with life.

Just when I was considering reverting to my fifty-pages rule, along comes Here Be Dragons.

Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman

Penman received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she majored in history, and also received a Juris Doctor J. It explores the complex emotions of the relationships between father and daughter, mother and children, step-mother and step-children and ruler to people. When someone from the audience asked her opinion on a couple of obscure historical figures, she knew exactly who they were and broke down their life in great detail.

I love it and it is my favourite of all Sharon’s historical novels. Penmaan friend Jill told me the romance between Llewelyn and Joanna w It has taken me a drahons to read all pages. I sometimes wonder what would have become of me, Johnny, if not for Richard.


View all 3 comments. And kau takes one hundred and eighty three pages to get started. I loved the cover and the fact that it was the imported paperback.

HERE BE DRAGONS by Sharon Kay Penman | Kirkus Reviews

I hated to put this book down for the entire pages. A worthwhile read, just know it is not a quick breeze, but one well worth the sharob.

I have never read a book with better characterization. Instead of fist fights and threats of rape, there are battles being fought off in the distance. Trivia About Here be Dragons Wife to Llewelyn, whom she came to love, daughter to John, whom she worshipped, Joanna was trapped in the crossfire aharon their implacable enmity.

The dragone parade of stilted infodump conversations made me want to throw the book at the wall. Royal women held captive for years, secret alliances, scandalous marriages, battles, even more scandalous divorces, rescues by ship, crusades…medieval Europe had some serious drama.

I vacillated hers being deeply engrossed, emotionally effected and full of admiration; and finding it stilted, confined, and depressing because these people’s lives have already been lived, their fates decided, their deaths already determined.

Paperbackpages. Growing animosity between the English and Welsh results in Joanna having to act as a diplomatic intermediary between her husband and her father, and the situation deteriorates when Gruffydd is taken hostage by John and narrowly escapes execution.

Penman juxtaposes the central love story between Joanna and Llewelyn the Great against a tapestry of medieval conventions, wars for territory, and the conflict between Llewelyn’s fight to maintain an independent Wales and to appease the English King John.