Heliodisplay. Over the years, display technology has been growing, from simple CRT to plasma screen. But now display technology has. 3D Holographic Projection: Systems & Solutions Experiential customer engagement Holographic display systems since This seemingly impossible technology is trademarked by IO2 Technology under the name “heliodisplay,” and can receive input from a.

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But now display technology has reached a stage where images can be displayed in thin air without the aid of a screen.

The base unit produces the water vapour screen necessary to display the image. This is not to say that with a future version this would not be more widely adopted.

The Heliodisplay transforms water into a unique screen of fine vapour, suspended in mid-air to create a nearly invisible techhology into which any image can be projected. The Heliodisplay transforms tecbnology air using a proprietary multi-stage system of modifying the optical characteristics within a planar region in which polychromatic light is scattered on this surface such that the image appears visible to the viewer.

The screen is safe for human interaction and will not cause any harm of any kind.

A finger or some hand-held object can act as a mouse and seemingly drag images in midair. Heliodisplay works as a kind of floating display and touch screen, making it possible to manipulate images projected in air with our fingers. The interactive version “i” of the heliodisplay contains an embedded processor that controls these functions internally for single touch, or multiple touch interactivity using an equipment mounted arrangement but without the IR laser field found on the earlier versions.

Retrieved from ” https: Essentially, the device converts the imaging properties of the air so that the air is taken in, converted instantaneously, and then re-ejected out.


HELIODISPLAY | iWave SystemsiWave Systems

The heliodisplay is a relatively new technology and is still being developed. Furthermore, the image can also be manipulated by touch: The original M1 units produced by IO2 were advanced prototypes and proof-of-concept.

Are you interested in this topic. The air-based system is formed by a series of metal plates, and the original Heliodisplay could run for several hours although current technoligy can operate continuously. In IO2 reintroduced the smaller format Heliodisplays along with the standard L large models that project approximately 2 meter tall image for lifesize person projections.

Heliodisplay Floating Display

A hand or finger can ehliodisplay as a mouse. Image recovery time is under 1. The Heliodisplay is interactive, like a virtual touchscreen. When computers first allowed people to manipulate the image on the screen, people were fascinated. Like any computer monitor or TV, images appear brighter the lower the ambient light.

The system is based on improvements to the M, and similarly, the s small models over the legacy versions of the m30 both in image and user interface. He is currently writing his Ph. Apart from displaying at a standard ratio of 4: Iddo was awarded the Bar Hillel philosophy of science prize for his work on the relationship between science and technology.

The tecnnology patent for this product reveals little more. The new third-generation M3 version launched on February 28, [5] has the same basic specifications as the M2 but is said to be much quieter, with improved brightness and clarity and more tecunology operation with an improved tri-flow system.

How Things Work: Heliodisplay

Heliodisplays are now being sold worldwide, and in the US, priced well below the twenty thousand dollar mark. It is mainly used for medical purposes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You tecynology play games on the Heliodisplay, but the picture quality would work for only certain types of games today.


Heliodisplay Floating Display – TFOT

The M has a ” diagonal image, equivalent to displaying a large full-body person about 2 meters tall. The M30 is the updated version of the M3, which fits into the rechnology model numbering system, 30 designating the diagonal screen size.

The image can even give the appearance of a floating, holographic, 3-D image. Inthe U. Like the heliodisplay, it can be touched, and even walked through. Particles in the air are converted into nearly atom-sized particles, and are re-emitted upward through a dozen metal plates.

These specifications are available on our website. Multimodal interaction Display technology companies Computer peripherals. This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat The basic units of heliodisplay are base unit and projection source as shown in figure 2. I can walk feet. The display connects to a standard video source such as DVD player or PC and projects any images that would be viewable on a computer screen or television. As the current version is not intended for serious heloodisplay e.

The refresh rate is 30fps. Although the Heliodisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic. In addition, He,iodisplay are not yet interactive, although researchers are working to implement interactive technology. As dark areas of the image may appear invisible, the image may be more realistic than on a projection screenalthough tehnology is still not volumetric.