Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and- guts sci-fi as Gust Front, Second Edition (Legacy of the Aldenata Book 2) by [ Ringo. Audible Sample . Now with all new content by John Ringo! The aliens had. Gust Front has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: After an interlude of several years, the crisis is finally here, on Earth. The Polseen are i. Fans of Hollywood-style blood-and-guts sci-fi as exemplified in the film Independence Day will enjoy this sequel to A Hymn Before Battle (). Ringo’s army.

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Don’t know rinvo I’ll finish it at this moment. But we don’t get it here. Gust Front chronicles the initial rinvo probe into Earth that proceeds a much larger Posleen force that will assumedly come in a later book.

Millions of carnivoristic, voracious aliens land on Earth to capture human cities and towns, use our resources and, oh yeah, eat all the people. In the end you enjoy the story of the individual characters and want to find out what happens to hem. Back to back boring and unneeded chapters full of crap no one cares about.

Sign up for a new account. Kris Longknife’s Bad Day. Additionally the first pages or so of “build up” does nothing to provide a real background of what takes place later in the book and is terrible.

A kohn chance to forget the screams of the dying in purple swamps and massacres under searing alien suns.

The writing is really cheesey again but, unlike A Hymn, the story isn’t advancing. USMC took more dingo in 5 years with 2 under strength divisions than in any other war.


Gust Front (Posleen War, book 2) by John Ringo

Bonus for one short passage about a rinfo Vietnamese character. Oh, and I found the author’s afterword interesting. John Ringo is quite good at writing marine combat scenes. I know I nearly cried. No Honor in Death. When the Posleen begin an invasion of Earth, however, the humans ignore the fact that the invaders outnumber them and wage an unorthodox and surprising form of warfare.

There is some good character development, some interesting developments, some humor, and some frustration as well.

I hate stories that are nothing more than an endless serious of battle sequences fought by idiotic meatheads against evil idiotic meatheads.

From Guwt Journal As part of the Galactic Federation, human armies help battle the aggressive aliens known as the Posleen, meeting them in a catastrophic war on the planet Barwhon V. Only registered users can write reviews.

The landings occur in central Africa, western Asia, southeastern Asia, and the eastern United States. And it is this book, his second he ever wrote, that established him as a leader in the field. This could have been more painful than a sandpaper loofer gusf a third degree burn. In fact, as mentioned later at the end of the book, it’s a hell of a compliment. This is a war facing an intergalactic gush.

Gust Front

I may or may not have gotten misty-eyed once or twice as the defenders rallied for a last-ditch defense of the Washington Monument from the alien invaders. A clandestine group of humans, Indowy, and Himmit, called Bane Sidhe, whose mission is to subvert Darhel control of the Galactic Federation, send a group of specially trained monks to protect “Papa” and Cally O’Neal from a would-be assassin.


The fourth novel picks up exactly where When the Devil Dances left off. The preparation for the defense of Guet is written in excruciating detail. This is kind of ironic, given the oft-repeated nohn by the characters that no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Fiction Book Review: Gust Front by John Ringo, Author Baen Books $24 (p) ISBN

Some one else on goodreads commented that, if you wanted it would be possible to trace the battles step by step on a map. Book 5 was just bizarre, but it was co-authored, and the way it read it seemed like Ringo at most glanced at it instead of actually helped write it.

Aug 04, M Hamed rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 06, Sgt Maj rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Thanks to alien technology and sheer guts, the Terrans on two worlds fought the Posleen to a standstill. Kenallai starts to wonder, for the first time, if the Posleen have souls, if something of each one of them will live on after death. Select the format you would like to download: Our choice was simple: I don’t know why Baen’s publishing releases so many books with such retarded looking cover art, but don’t let it scare you off.

It was pretty awesome to read about, and I would have loved to have seen some video footage of it.