Conversations of Goethe with Johann Peter Eckermann [Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Johann Peter Eckermann, J. K. Moorhead, John Oxenford, Havelock. Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines Lebens, Zweiter Band ( German Edition) [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johann Peter Eckermann, Frédéric. Ich durchblätterte mit Goethe einige Hefte Zeichnungen meines Freundes Johann Peter Eckerman: Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines.

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Eckermann met Goethe at Weimar in when he was just dropping his studies in law at the University of Gottingen at the age of thirty-one in hopes of finding a literary career, and Goethe was at seventy-four the acknowledged universal genius gespgche European letters for half a century.

Goethe pays homage to writers Schiller, Lord Byron, Voltaire, many othersvisual artists most of whom aren’t well known nowstatesmen the local Duke whom he loved and served, and, bafflingly eckermann especially, Napoleonand scientists Humboldt, others. I went to see Goethe this evening, before going to the theatre, and found him well and cheerful.

About Johann Peter Eckermann. Eckermann’s first meeting with Goethe was both dramatic and the most fateful event of his life. Hanover, former state of northwestern Germany, first an electorate — of the Holy Roman Empire, then a kingdom —66and finally a Eckerjann province — What does make this an occasionally uncomfortable read is the very uneven relationship between Eckermann and Goethe.

Eckermann was born at Winsen Luhe in Harburgof humble parentage, and was brought up in penury and privation. Now imagine that the vast and fertile expanse of those conversations have been meticulously recorded and condensed into a book and Conversations of Goethe is what you would have. In addition, for those of us with a special interest in World Literature, Eckermann’s Conversations also records Goethe’s definitive delineation of his concept of the emergence of World Literature, using the German term he coined to define ec,ermann concept “Weltliteratur.


Ecketmann is truly a giant and Faust is part of Columbia’s core curriculum, although it wasn’t when I was there. This surely unpopular explanation for his pacifism is actually scoffed at in an editorial footnote in my edition of Conversations and might still eckeermann controversial today. Eckermann is chiefly remembered for his important contributions to the yesprche of the great poet contained in his Conversations with Goethe One could list all the arts and sciences that he contributed to, but looking honestly at those contributions, none seems to have really remained of fruitful interest to our time, at least not here in the US.

Conversations with Goethe is worth the occasional minor eye-glaze caused by many references to people most of us won’t have heard of. Deep thoughts gesptche a wide range of issues, such as politic, art, wealth etc.

Johann Peter Eckermann – Wikipedia

Fuller Marchesa Ossoli 2nd ed. Nog idioter staat het wanneer Eckermann het nodig acht een goetthe betoog van Goethe over, bijvoorbeeld, de Schone Kunsten af te sluiten met de melding dat hij, het braafste jongetje van de klas, in ieder geval van gesprchf is de wijze les in zijn oren te knopen.

Gnomanix rated it it was amazing Jun 29, You might want to read some Schiller as well, “Robbers” in particular. Eckermann’s fascination with Goethe is absolute. This article about a poet from Germany is a stub. However, he always had great male friends.

Conversations Of Goethe by Johann Peter Eckermann

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. After two hours, the seventy-three year old European icon entered the room in an elegant blue frock coat and sat opposite him, saying: Virtually every page is filled with Goethe’s insight and genius, which is of the highest order to use a phrase perhaps he would use. We have, again, the courage to stand with firm feet upon God’s earth, and to feel ourselves in our divinely-endowed human nature. After serving as a volunteer in the War of Liberationhe obtained a secretarial appointment under the war department at Hanover.

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Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines Lebens, 1823-1832

For several years he also instructed the son of the grand duke. Also despite Eckermann’s gethe to portray Goethe in the most flattering light possible, Goethe comes across as quite conceited and full of himself at times. It is an intimate experience gesptche brings such a lofty figure as Goethe down to earth and allows you to picture him as if he were sitting and conversing in the same room as you. After serving as a volunteer in the War of Liberation —he obtained a secretarial appointment under the war department at Hanover.

This is clearly a sour subject for Goethe, but he doesn’t try to weasel out of it. Eckefmann book is written in the form of journal entries.

At Page 79, not quite twenty-five percent of the book, I asked myself if I was learning much about Goethe, and the answer was: