Glomus tumor was also the name formerly (and incorrectly) used for a tumor now called a paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm arising from the. Paragangliomas account for % of all neoplasms in the head and neck region, and about 80% of all paraganglioms are either carotid body tumors or glomus. glomus vagal que tienen una llamativa predilección para las mujeres.9 Base de cráneo y cuello (timpánico, foramen yugular, nervio vago y tumor carotídeo.

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The American Journal of Surgical Pathology. Their clinical presentation results from expansion into the areas around the site of origin.

Growth of these tumor is in a number of directions. CT may not be totally reliable for assessing whether the tumour has arisen from the jugular fossa or from the middle ear in the following situations: An intact jugular fossa and the demonstration of a clear air boundary between the tumour mass and the jugular bulb helps immediately identify the lesion as a glomus tympanicum and almost excludes the existence of a glomus jugulare completely 1, 2.

Edit article Share article View revision history. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. A glomus tumor also known as a “solitary glomus tumor,” [1] “solid glomus tumor,” [1] is a rare neoplasm arising from the glomus body and mainly found under the nail, on the fingertip or in the foot.

Surgery is the treatment of choice and if complete resection is achieved a cure can be expected. Gonadal tumors, paraganglioma, and glomus ICD-O Dermal and subcutaneous growths Types of neoplasia Soft tissue tumor. Malignant glomus tumors, or glomangiosarcomasare extremely rare and usually represent a locally infiltrative malignancy.


Presentation Middle aged lady presented with sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. Search Cases Advanced Search. As stated above, these lesions should not be confused with paragangliomaswhich were formerly also called glomus tumors in now-antiquated clinical usage.

Paragangliomas of the jugular bulb and carotid body: A CT scan can demonstrate a soft tissue mass in the middle ear and its position relative to patterns of bone destruction. Head and neck imaging. Imaging findings in schwannomas of the jugular foramen.

Vascular tissue neoplasm Glomus tumor Glomangiosarcoma. Fukushima journal of medical science. Micrograph of a glomus tumor.

When significant involvement is present then the lesion may cause pulsatile tinnitus and hearing loss. Indium labelled octreotide accumulates in these tumours due to the presence of receptors for somatostatin, best visualized with SPECT, but requires the tumor to be greater than 1.

Tumours may be bilateral, and other tumours such as carotid body tumours may coexist. Yuvular most common tumor to develop in the jugular foramen is a paraganglioma glomus jugulare. Glomus jugulare paraganglioma Temporal bone destructive lesions differential. Criteria for the diagnosis of malignancy in glomus tumors are: GD MRI is useful in the above situations and also helps to assess the intracranial extension and the relation of the glomus jugulare to the regional neuro vascular anatomy 2, 3.

Check for errors and try again. Case 5 Case 5.

Differential diagnosis of jugular foramen lesions. Early draining veins are also noted due to intra-tumoural shunting 4. From the archives of the AFIP.

Glomus tumors are usually solitary and small lesions. Complications are however not uncommon due to the large number of sensitive structures in the region and include:. A coronal reconstruction showing the glomus tympanicum within the middle ear. Surgical excision is the preferred method of treatment for benign glomus tumors. The exact incidence of glomus tumors is unknown. Medially the lesion has intracranial extra dural extension in the posterior fossa indenting the cerebellar cortex.


There is air seen between the mass and the wall of the jugular fossa.

Glomus jugulare paraganglioma | Radiology Reference Article |

Granulosa cell tumour Sertoli cell tumour Sex cord tumour with annular tubules. Elevation of the nail bed can occur. This fluid is indistinguishable from the tumour when seen on CT scans 3. Neuroendocrine tumor Paraganglioma Pheochromocytoma. While it is a rare tumor, it is the most common of the jugular fossa tumours.

Glomus tumor

Multiple lesions are slightly more common in males. Figure 2 A coronal reconstruction of the middle ear cavity. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Imaging Findings The patient presented with glimus tinnitus in the right ear, which she had had for a few years. General imaging differential considerations include:. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Solitary glomus tumors are more frequent in adults than in others.

GLOMUS TIMPANICO by Silvia Acuña on Prezi

The vast majority are found in the distal extremities, particularly in the hand, wrist, foot, and under the fingernails. The most common adverse effect is pain, which is usually associated with solitary timpanivo. The lesion is causing destruction and widening of the jugular foramen.

Laterally the lesion is extending in the middle ear cavity epi, meso and hypotympanum and external auditory canal.