I cannot really explain why this is a favorite Johanna Lindsey book since the . Por todo eso, Fuego Secreto se ha quedado en una novela entretenida y amena, . Books by Johanna Lindsey, Paraiso Salvaje, Esclave et chatelaine, The Devil Who Tamed Her EXP, Herzen in Cover of: Fuego Secreto. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Novela Romántica: Johanna lindsey: fuego secreto. Compra, venta y subastas de Novela.

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View all 6 comments. This book is at the top of my list for most hated. After that so romantic beginning he drags her off to Russia and holds her captive but she refuses to sleep with fiego even though she attracted to him blah!

So used to yes women he was intrigued by Kate the fire cracker! I’m reading this book and thinking, get the heck out of that place with these crazy folks.

By far the most popular among her books are the stories about the Malory-Anderson Family, a Regency England lindaey. I love a good pregnancy and secret baby theme. A activation email has been sent to you.

Lists with This Book. You root for her to get herself out of that situation. One fine day in London he sees a woman who was’nt that good looking with plain face still she intrigued his curiosity so much that he ordered her abducted to share his bed just because he mistook her for a maid when actually she was a countess disguised as a maid.


Secret Fire

Edited by Clean Up Bot. Nov 20, Luthien rated it it was amazing Shelves: Boyd Anderson Jaime Malory. Kraatz Oct 20, During the second rape, she decides she loves This book hit on a lot of my romance pet peeves. Secret Fire is sefreto epic. Inwhen she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife.

I loved Katherine for her strength. Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau Family – bookswithbenefits.

Johanna Lindsey

Books by Johanna Lindsey. Have not read this since the s! Seriously, I wanted Godzilla to show up and eat them. By the time Dimitri found out he was angry but excited. After her husband’s death, Johanna moved to Maine, New England, to stay near her family. Glad I read t Nothing beats these old Johanna Lindsey classics.

: Cookies

In both cases johanan should know how to switch cookies back on! Also you could see towards the end of this book how much she had come to mean to him. He was a prince of Russia, and they had lots of power.

I mean, its premise and the actions of the hero are all really rather offensive. I don’t know if I could have gotten past it, but Katheryn is not stupid or naive and she gives him a run for his money.

I liked Dimitri and Katherine together. He’s caught only a glimpse of her from the window of his carriage, but the young Russian prince knew he had to have her.


Guy abducts girl because really that’s the most logical thing to do after a girl tells you she’s not interested the world would be a scarier place then it already is if that secrteo true 6. Now this is one is definitely a romantic novel.

Fuego secreto, de Johanna Lindsey (+18) – Literatura Romántica Juvenil

She’ll enjoy her time with him until the ports unfreeze and she can go back home. It is best to consider some of these problems immediately. Nov 25, Captmashpea rated it did not like it. So it culminated in a jilted princess, an offer making Kate his mistress and more misunderstanding and hide and seek. Many friends suggest me to read this book.

A Loving Scoundrel Jeremy Malory bastard m. It’s nothing less than a fairy tale. Oct 19, Widhy Pratiwie rated it it was amazing. Never get so emotional when read before.

But after read it, I feel A memorable story, and I couldn’t entirely hate it because at least it pulled me in enough to rip through those pages to find out how it all ended. Girl keeps refusing to have sex with him 8. The first time, it wasn’t a decision that he made, but a misunderstanding.

Love Only Once 2.