Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross – Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download, Gimmick. I just heard from Jon Riggs that Ford Kross passed away. ‘It Ain’t Body Building’ , ‘Suggestive Mentalism’ and also ‘Kross on Psi Parties’. Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross [abk] – Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital.

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Jul 7, This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included. Many times over if you perform such an act. Jul 5, Whether you are a beginner?? It is indeed not geared for close-up performance, but could be used successfully in a parlor-type situation.

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It is not primarily aimed for close up since a lot of it is based on group psychology. After a brief Introduction, stating performer’s bonafides, performer comes out and immediately reads the minds of one or two members of the audience.

The most common response is it feels heavy or tingly or both. Performer demonstrates various exercises in imagination. In the past, many performers did programs of Mentalism and Hypnosis, but there was always cord dear demarcation of where one began and the other ended.

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If you come up with a method for extending both the length and the entertainment value, drop me a note and let me know how. With the exception of Posthypnotic Suggestions, anything that can be suggested to someone in “regular hypnosis” can be suggested to your subjects here. And remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future. Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. He will be sorely missed! Kross, Ford is 64 in and resides in New Jersey, U.


You will find that you will get some pendulum response with nearly everyone you try it with. I believe when one has a good grasp of mentalism and has spent time developing ones skill’s, then booklet like this are useful and highly sought after. Home New Products Contact Us.

Corinda – Step 08 of Don’t wait for the perfect moment Moreover he should use no props. Those who know, will also know that the value is secondary!!! Mar 7, While this total presentation cannot fit into all situations; it is flexible enough to cover most situations. He was looking through my bound issues of the PEA newsletter.

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The act does not use stooges. It definitely is not for a beginner in mentalism, nor in showmanship for that matter. You must create the impression that you mentalisj a genuine psychic. With your other volunteers, there should be no problem as seeing you work with the first subject should heighten their foord tremendously. Then at your “mental command” they do what you want them to do and you can make them do whatever you want them to do and see or feel etc.


Also, Ford is not in the business to make money, and will only sell it to you if he feels it is suggesyive for you and that you will do it justice. Actually my assistant “partner” does the mentalism in my show and she can do the act to some extent and I am working on it with her.

Otherwise you will know what it is Hi Neal, “Suggestive Mentalism” is a very small but powerful quasi-underground booklet written by Ford Kross. Again, I have the person look at my right eye. Incidentally, pendulums fall under the general categories of Radiesthesia or Dowsing. Jul 6, You have no items in your Shopping Cart!

Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross

No one had, to my knowledge, ever blended waking hypnosis with Mentakism. Choose a ranking for this item. There are a lot of good books and or effects out there, some many of us know about and better still some of us do not know anything about.