You can access broker, message flow, and node properties from ESQL, the Mapping node, and Java. The following guidelines should be used when constructing the ESQL files that implement a WebSphere Message Broker application. The logical tree structure is the internal (broker) representation of a message. ESQL, a programming language that you can code in the Compute, Database.

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Precede a block comment by a single blank line and immediately follow it by the code it describes.

Broker properties that are accessible from ESQL and Java

A field reference or correlation name should start with an uppercase letter and have mixed case, with the first letter of each internal word and all letters of acronyms in uppercase.

They are not globally reusable and can only be used within the same broker schema. The example message is shown in the following diagram. You can also use them anywhere in an ESQL file. IBM represents the following features as key differentiators of the IIB product when compared to other industry products that provide the services of an Enterprise Service Bus:.

Finally, the ESQL samples below illustrate line wrapping and alignment practices. The type of transaction Automatic or Commit used to access a database from this node. A few other input messages are used to show ESQL that provides function on messages with a structure or content that is not included in the Invoice or Video samples.

The process identifier PID of the execution group.

This subtree is message dependent, and its content is not further described here. MessageOptions Integer bit 1. The number of additional threads that the broker can use to service the message flow. Coding conventions not only help improve code readability, they also discourage the use of wasteful and error-prone programming practices.

The label of the execution group a human-readable name. Mappings, a graphical method of achieving transformation from input to output structures, available in the Mapping node. For example, you can retrieve data from a database, or calculate content from the input message data. A developer can choose from many pre-designed message flow ‘nodes’, which are used to build up a message flow. Java user-defined extensions API. For more information about using the mapping functions associated with the Mapping node, see Using graphical data maps.


Not applicable for the DatabaseInput node. IBM Integration Bus provides capabilities to build solutions needed to support diverse integration requirements through a set of connectors to a range of data sources, including packaged applications, files, mobile devices, messaging systems, and databases.

A fix pack is cumulative: The VRMF code works like this: Accessing broker properties from ESQL. The default action is for only the message to be created. Of course, you need to balance descriptiveness with brevity, because overly long names are hard to groker and make code harder to understand.

ESQL Functions and Syntax in Message Broker

ESQL-to-Java data-type mapping table. To determine which of the other trees are included, you must specify a value for the Compute mode property of the node displayed on the Advanced tab. A schema name reflects the file system name leading the location of files in this schema. It also holds a reference to the airline sample which contains more ESQL code.

ESQL code conventions in WebSphere Message Broker

Each of the four trees created has a root element with a name that is brker to each tree. Logical tree structure The logical tree structure is the internal broker representation of a message. Before the message is delivered to a final destination, it is converted back into a bit stream. Each child must have a parent, can have zero or more siblings, and can have zero or more children.

Patterns typically emerge from common usage and the application of a particular product or technology. A Version is a separate IBM licensed program that usually has significant new code or new function.


ESQL provides a rich and flexible syntax for statements and functions that enable you to check and manipulate message and database content. TransactionType Character 1 Not possible The type of transaction Automatic or Commit used to access a database from this node. Start Trace Input Message Time: Identifies the WorkloadManagement policy configurable service name used by the message flow.

Probably its the PDF version of same documentation you referring to, but worth a look.

View image at full size. Versions of MQSI ran up to version 2. The number of input messages that are processed by the message flow before a syncpoint is taken. The way in which the message flow nodes are joined together determine which processing steps are carried out, in which order, and under which conditions.

A comprehensive range of operations can be performed on data, including routing, filtering, enrichment, multicast for publish-subscribe, sequencing, and aggregation. Log in to reply. You can also achieve results like these in the PHPCompute node. The following topics provide more information about these and other tasks that you can perform with ESQL.

The Java code, where applicable, is shown in the second column of the table. The name of the message flow where the Mapping node executing the map is running in.

When a message arrives at a broker, it is received by an input node that you have configured in a message flow. The Compute node differs from other nodes in that it has both an input message assembly and at least one output message assembly. The exception to this is the subtree that is created as part of the message tree to represent the message body. The input node creates this message assembly, which consists of four trees: