EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES the equivalent circuit of UJT and explain its operation. Write short notes on light activated SCR. 2nd Semester CSE Notes: 1. Basic civil & Mechanical Notes and Question answers – View. 5. Electron Devices & Electric circuits (EC) – Unit 1 – View /. PH Engineering Physics 2 Anna University Notes: PH Engineering notes (EM notes – ME Notes) – DOWNLOAD EC

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At the saturation point the maximum junction capacitance is obtained and a point just above avalanche the minimum junction capacitance is obtained. Describe the operation of Zener diode and explain its characteristics. Q factor The quality factor, Q, is the ratio of the reactive power in the inductor or capacitor to the true power in the resistance in series with the coil or capacitor.

Nootes reverse bias is increased this current increase. It can be triggered ON by a light input on the gate area, but does not turn OFF, when light source is removed. The magnitude matching can be achieved by adjusting mutual inductance to the critical value, which effectively fulfills maximum power transfer condition.

PIN diodes are used in microwave switches. Photodiode It is a light sensitivity device used to convert light signal into electrical signal. It differs from the Branch Current method in that it does not use Kirchhoff’s Current Law, and it is usually able to solve a circuit with less unknown variables and less simultaneous equations.


So, it is called as Unipolar device.

At relatively low voltage nltes reverse current saturates and then remains constant. Classification of Energy Band 1. Gate ex2151 Answer A household uses the following electric appliances -CBSE physics class 10 1 Answer What is the difference between Input devices and output devices in computers.

The carrier inversion is the first requirement of lasing. At anti resonance the parallel resonant circuit acts as current amplifier. Used for applying input power to lasers. The photovoltaic cells are produced more power, as in solar cells. At relatively low voltage the reverse current saturates and then remains constant.

When the diode is reverse biased under this condition the electrons from n-side are attracted by the positive plate and hence move away from the junction. The dotted lines should cross only one branch at a time.

EC Electric Circuits and Electron Devices ECED Notes

The second method is anode current interruption. It is also called as varicap or voltacap. Adjust the gate current to zero value by keeping the switch open. In this, the current through SCR is reduced below the holding current.

Applications of LED Used for numeric display in pocket calculators. Conductivity of a semiconductor Each hole-electron pair created two charge carrying particles is formed. Operation of PNP transistors Forward bias causes the holes in the P-type emitter to flow towards the base. It has two main terminals namely Main terminal 1 and Main terminal 2.

It is used in light meters. Resonant Circuit The circuit that treat a narrow range of frequencies very differently than all other frequencies are referred to as resonant circuit.

Second Semester Anna University lecturer notes – Site Title

It reaches at the junction J 2 breakdown. These two highly ec2511 regions are represents source and drain. However, it has ability to control large ac power with a small signal.


These coefficients fall on a diagonal. The optical feedback and the confinement of photon in an optical resonator are the second basic requirement of lasing. Solve system of equations for unknown node voltages. The mobile charges have been depleted in this region.

Switching speed is high. Voltage range over which it can be operated is 1 V or less. Changing anode current by means of momentarily series or parallel switching arrangement.

The behavior of the voltage or current when it is changed from one state to another state is called transient state. When reverse voltage increased at once electric field the electrons which are present in the covalent bond are brought due to strong force of attraction. The Laplace transform of any time dependent function f t is given by F s. Advantages of LED They are smaller in size. Repeat for coefficient of second voltage, second equation, and other equations.

Due to which it is used as an oscillator.

How to study this subject

It has three terminal, but only two leads are generally used emitter and collector. To reduce the holding current, it can be turned OFF.

Its operation depends upon the flow of majority carrier only.