manual, RUN/STOP, and alarms) and the PV or SV. E5CN/E5AN/E5EN/E5GN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Type E5CN-R2MT E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic E5CN -R2MT AC or E5CN-R2MTD AC/DC24). E5CN/E5CN-U Temperature Controller User’s Manual (Cat. No. H). E5CN Temperature Controller Communications User’s Manual (Cat. E5CN-R2MT-

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The baud rate, data bit length, stop bit length, and vertical parity can be individually set using the Communications Setting Level.

A password is required to enter the advance function setting level and the calibration level. Insert the tool into the slots one on the top and one on the bottom and release the hooks.

Panel interior dimensions for panel mounting? When extending or connecting the thermocouple lead wire, be sure to use compensating wires that match the thermocouple types. DC loads cannot be connected. To reduce the danger of fire or electric shock, do not internally connect the outputs of majual class 2 circuits. An SELV circuit is one separated from the power supply with double insulation or reinforced insulation, that does not exceed 30 V r.

Refer to Precautions on page Loss of operation control or alarm outputs due to malfunction may occasionally result in physical damage to the controlled system or equipment.

Can also be mounted to a DIN track.

E5CN-R2T manual datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

It takes approximately two seconds for the outputs to turn ON from after the power supply is turned ON. Do not use the Temperature Controller in the following locations. E5CN-C Models with Current Outputs Easy, Dependable, and Even Faster Easy Setting with segment Displays The new E5CN features segment displays to make text easier to read, eliminating the need to decode displays when trying to set parameters, as was necessary with previous temperature controllers.


Output when an input error output is enabled in the Advance Function Setting Level.

If the ON time of control output 1 is less than ms, heater burnout detection and the heater current will not be measured. Manial Unit can be mounted 4. SP used by multi-SP Protect Level The time taken to move to the protect level can be adjusted by changing the “Move to protect level time” setting. Transfer output provided for easy output to recorders.

Communications Setting Level Displayed only for models with communications. If the OFF time of control output 1 is less than ms, SSR failure detection and the heater current will not be measured.

Always consider the actual application conditions and be sure to use the output e5vn-r2mt-500 within its rated load and electrical life expectancy. Tighten terminal screws to a torque of 0. Push the adapter along the Controller body from the terminals up to the panel, and fasten it temporarily.

Install the appropriate manuaal and circuit mmanual and label them accordingly so that power can be turned OFF in an emergency by the person operating the Temperature Controller.


Use the Temperature Controller within a power supply voltage and load that meet all specifications and ratings.

OMRON E5CN Datasheet: Ordering Information

Features Improved Functions for a Wider Range of Application Control Analog Values, such as Pressures, Flowrates, and Levels The new E5CN Series now also includes models that accept analog inputs, enabling control applications other than for temperature, including pressure, flowrate, level, humidity, and weight control. Three-phase Heater Burnout Detection With Models with Three-phase Heater Burnout and SSR Failure Detection, two current f5cn-r2mt-500 can be connected to detect both heater burnout and SSR failure at the same time, reducing costs because a separate heater burnout alarm device nanual not required.

Use the following type of crimp terminals for M3.

manusl The waterproof packing is not required if waterproofing is not necessary. Pt or JPt No models with analog inputs Improved models 7. Component service life e5ch-r2mt-500 affected by the ambient temperature: We recommend using crimp terminals when wiring the terminals. E5CN-Y Added models with long-life relay outputs. The exposed current-carrying part to be inserted into terminals must be 5 to 6 mm.

Consult with your OMRON representative at any time to confirm actual specifications of purchased product. Easy setting with segment displays.