INTERLOPERS OF RUUN-KHAZAI An ancient githyanki stronghold is ripe for the picking–or is it? A D&D adventure for 13th-level PCs. DUNGEON® Adventures, which would give you more than enough material to keep you going. See our subscription cards in this issue. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Hardness 3; lip 10; break DC Item Creation Ex Scorn can create a magic item even if he does not have access to the spells that are prereq- uisites for the item. He flies into a greater rage if anyone reaches the catwalk, and he attacks until slain to protect his magazinr. However, they are now filled with dangerous alchemical poisons concocted by Viktor Saint- Demain.

Jan van Leyden – Tuesday, 6th January, If Ulysses Maldrake is still patrolling the grounds, he stops these troops and assumes command of them. An ichor-dripping stinger tops its insectlike tail. Originally Posted by RichGreen. Viktor casually fires crossbow bolts at the party from above for the rest of the battle until someone reaches him. If the party makes a move to enter the asylum, Mal- drake tries to arrest them.

Dungeon Magazine #151

The following errors occurred with your submission. When making a precise strike, Viktor cannot attack with a weapon in his other hand or use a shield. The PC realizes the xungeon in A14 are false and that venting the chamber sends the water elsewhere.

Viktor has been planning his framing of Trelib for months, and he included the PCs in his letters in case they bested his protege. Karvasi can also upgrade an existing homunculus that he owns, adding 1 Hit Die at a cost of 2, gp and XP. Another table has two scrolls of gentle repose and a scroll of giant vermin.

A waist-high river of thick putrescence flows through the tunnels here. Karvasi chooses the most colorful — usually sadistic killers whose warped minds provide much entertainment to the good doctor as he deals with them in a manner that would give hardened, violent crimi- nals nightmares. Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: Once the door is closed, the organ begins to play on its own, and gas pours from the pipes and thin slits where the floor meets magzzine walls.


Julian Gevard duungeon little useful information if captured, alternating between tea time conversational snippets and horrifying depictions of his gruesome murders with no variation in his whimsical tone.

Dungeon Magazine

The PC can activate the pumps in A20, but doing so shunts the water to A19, which rapidly increases the pressure on the overfilled waste con- tainment located there. Alternatively the PCs need have no earlier con- nection to Viktor, instead the madman could have followed their exploits from features in the Sham Inquisitive and duneon them magazinf targets for his awful frame-up, fabricating whatever evidence he needs to connect them to Baron Trelib d’Medani.

I don’t understand the price. He plays both sides of the struggle between crime and order to enhance his reputation further and make himself rich. Or so I believe – we were never able to track down an online table of contents for them, at least.

If the PCs succeed in capturing Viktor and averting his diabolical plans, he is undone. Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level Originally Posted by callinostros. In A19, the PC figures out how to seal the piping and prevent the poisons from entering the mmagazine water supply.

Trelib is relishing the opportunity. This is a mind-affecting fear ef- fect. The walrus man loves his walking stick.

Dungeon issues to | Dungeon | RPGGeek

The obese tusker wears the clothing of an inmate, but dungoen an absurd top hat on his gray, sloping brow. A DC 10 Listen check is sufficient to hear his mournful sobs.

A mahogany reading table, lit by a white everbright lantern above, rests here as well. His name is Saal Grabaal, though once Magzzine knew him as the Shoebox killer. This flow of soupy foulness counts as difficult terrain. Tyranok is a wealthy member of the Mroranon Clan.


Even if the Fortitude save succeeds, the victim still takes 3d 6 points of damage. After you read the text below, place the zombies and tsucora magaxine on the map as well.

The PC recognizes that the plans dunggeon amiss — certain details are left out or mistaken perhaps. Julian Gevard II was born with a strange mutation resulting in an unfortunate and uncanny resemblance to an anthropomorphic walrus.

He brings copies of the transactions of gold from Trelib to Karvasi. Viktor has sabotaged the two closest to the door on lythe one opposite the entrance to the res- ervoir is safeso that once a climber reaches 50 feet the ladder buckles and gives way, which sends them crashing into the polluted water below.

These grave markers provide cover for anyone behind them. Sketch the Cow Archivist. Suddenly the skinned corpse strung from a rack nearby spasms grotesquely against its bonds and reaches out for you with a greasy hand of exposed muscle and bone.

Then a skeleton emerges from the river of sewage, entrails slithering about it like so many snakes. Unless they have the ability to spring them- selves, they wallow here until Viktor springs his trap. The quori keeps its distance, where it hurls psi-like abilities at them as the zombies engage the party.

The fires of the kiln f ill this area with shadowy illumination. Distraction Ex Any creature that begins its turn with a centipede swarm in its space must succeed on a DC 13 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. Lucard Karvasi, a rail-thin human arguably no less demented than his charges. The glob deals 2d6 points of acid damage on a direct hit and 2 points of acid damage to all creatures within 5 feet of where it strikes.

Natural Cunning Ex Although minotaurs are not es- pecially intelligent, they possess innate cunning and logical ability.