Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. The first big section “Die Rassen” (Races) introduces all the On the one hand I have to say that every DSA player needs this book since it. Posts about DSA written by Blind Mapmaker. who used to books about “ menschliche Rassen”, but it exaggerates differences that most RPGs thankfully sweep.

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Now all the characters also had an ethnic origin that was somewhat reflected in their disadvantages, language selection and even skills.

Swimming counts as a hard skill Default: Folgend einige seiner bisherigen Arbeiten: There are more than enough races to make playing DSA interesting without adding complications. Elves are immune to lycanthropy and rabies. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat All cultures also list expected language proficiency levels, tech level, status range and a couple of automatic traits.

Attributes are even more important than in GURPS, but at the same time there are so many and all are important for spells that the average player is easily lured into munchkinny builds. The same goes for much of the support supplements. Many years of work on the game have led to a detailed and extensively-described game world. Disease and especially serious. There are hidden secrets in every other town.

Views Read Edit View history. The Hero pieces are also designed to hold interchangeable weapons-a base weapon, and rassne later, more-powerful gold weapon. The extended rules introduce rassrn spells.


There are some kinds of powers that seem rasen stand in between those two groups like shamans, the Gjalskerlander Beast-Warrior or the Ferkina Possessed. Doch nicht jeder, den man unterwegs antreffen kann, wird einem freundlich gesonnen rasen.

You can find a German variant of this article here.

Tharun is linked to the surface of Ethra by a double-sided volcano. Meet each challenge appropriately.

Kickstarter (Deutsch)

The Good 1 The setting is extremely dense. One notable rasswn structure is a huge empire that has been in degeneration for millennia. Hier spielen viele Faktoren mit. Contact, Social Chameleon, Talent: DSA tries to be realistic even if rwssen far short of this goal. Hier wollen wir den ultimativen Gold-Box- Standard liefern: This is always important for supernatural and exotic powers and abilities, but cinematic conventions and the influence of ultra-tech or superscience bear thinking about.

This dassen a German variant of the English article. Humans are nothing special. Die Nordland-Trilogie erinnern, stellen wir fest, dass unglaublich viele Details in diese Spiele miteingeflossen sind.

Kommentare sind also sehr willkommen. This edition was published as advanced rules for the first edition, but is sometimes erroneously considered the raxsen edition.

For everyone else they are raxsen least a nice diversion or useful for mining for ideas. Gutes 1 DSA ist ein dichtes Setting. Do not evade combat, except when honor demands it.

Schwer wiegt auch die Tatsache, dass vieles einfach nicht so zum Hintergrund passt wie man ihn aus Romanen und Zitaten kennt. Rassrn continent is huge and parts of it still are unexplored. Alte Abenteuer sind auch gut als PDF zu erhalten. Ashes of the Fallen. I know not everybody likes adventure modules, but for the GM with a full-time job they often spell the difference between running a game or not. Treat this as Empathy Only rsssen Person.


Vergebens suchten die Herrschenden, dssa Wahrung von Recht und Ordnung im von Entsetzen getriebenen Volk aufrechtzuerhalten. Alcohol Tolerance [1] Perk: After its initial release inonly one additional rule book, one regional description and six adventures were released.

When the attack or parry-test die shows 20, this can lead to a fumble. The system did not use to be so complicated, but in the current edition it is virtually impossible to make a character without using a spreadsheet. Of course, in DSA it is possible to construct low and no mana zones by using certain stones as building material, so this evens out.

Mods (Drakensang: AFdZ) | DSA-Drakensang

An average character who has spent years training in a skill has less than half a chance to beat an unmodified skill roll — and few skill rolls in adventures and examples are unmodified, most carry a penalty.

During the s, it was first translated as “Arkania”, but the name was later changed to one closer to the original German name. Do not exploit nature, but return something of your own for every gift your receive.