Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. The Diameter base protocol is defined by RFC ( Obsoletes: RFC ) and CCR, , Diameter Credit-Control Application – RFC Diameter Credit-Control Application, is a networking protocol for Diameter application used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services. It is an IETF standard defined in RFC RFC (part 1 of 5): Diameter Credit-Control Application. Network Working Group H. Hakala Request for Comments: L. Mattila Category: Standards.

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The application can be an authentication application, an accounting application, or a vendor-specific application. Event-based charging is typically used when units are not continuously consumed, e. Session-based charging is typically used for scenarios where the charged units are continuously consumed, e.

The credit-control process is performed to determine potential charges and to verify whether the end user’s account balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the service being rendered.

Diameter Credit-Control Application

This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Service specific authorization and authentication is out of the scope. AA request commands are defined in service specific authorization applications e. Please refer to the current edition of the “Internet Official Protocol Standards” STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol.

The message 400 are in general driven by the control-point asking for units rcc the server granting them.

The final interrogation is used to exit the process. This allows a single server to handle policies for many services.

Diameter (protocol)

Diameter is used for many different interfaces defined by the 3GPP standards, with each interface typically defining new commands and attributes. The End-to-End Identifier is not modified by Diameter agents of any kind, and the same value in the corresponding request is used in the answer. AA request AA request generically refers to a service specific authorization and authentication request.


Note that credit resources may not imply actual monetary credit; credit resources may be granted to the credit control client in the form of units e. For AVPs of type Enumerated, the service may require a new value to be defined. It is reasonable to expect that a service level agreement will exist between providers of the credit-control client and the credit-control server covering the charging, services offered, roaming agreements, agreed rating input i.

Information on RFC ยป RFC Editor

Adding a new optional AVP does not require a new application. The first interrogation is used to reserve money from the user’s account and to initiate the process.

The credit-control server is required to maintain session state for session-based credit- control. The name is a play on words, derived from the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor a diameter is twice the radius. The client is allowed to request units before the previous grant is completely used, in order to avoid suspending the subscriber session while talking to the server.

In this example the server grants the client all the units it requested. Direct Connection with Redirects Credit-control is a process of checking whether credit is available, credit-reservation, deduction of credit from the end user account when service is completed and refunding of reserved credit that is not used. Diameter Relay and redirect agents must not reject messages with unrecognized AVPs.

In addition, there are services such as gaming and advertising that may credit as well as debit a user account. Diameter Credit-control Client A Diameter credit-control client is an entity that interacts with a credit-control server.

In both models, the credit- control client requests credit authorization from the credit-control server prior to allowing any service to be delivered to the end user. Credit-Control Application Overview The credit authorization process takes place before and during service delivery to the end user and generally requires the user’s authentication and authorization before any request is sent to the credit-control server. When an account is exhausted or expired, the user must be denied the ability to compile additional chargeable events.


Service A type of task performed by a service element for an end user. The Diameter protocol was initially developed by Pat R. Network access is an example of a service offered in the visited domain where the NAS, through an AAA infrastructure, authenticates and authorizes the user with the user’s home network.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited. In case of redirecting agents, the Hop-by-Hop Identifier is maintained in the header as the Diameter agent responds with an answer message.

RFC – part 1 of 5

Therefore, it is assumed that a Diameter credit-control server will provide service only for Diameter credit-control clients that have agreed beforehand as to the content of credit-control messages.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This process is accomplished diamteer session based credit-control that includes the first interrogation, possible intermediate interrogations, and the final interrogation. Figure 1 illustrates the typical credit-control architecture, which consists of a Service Element with an embedded Diameter credit- control client, a Diameter credit-control server, diametet an AAA server.

Upon receipt of a successful credit authorization answer with a certain amount of credit xiameter, the credit-control client allows service delivery to the end user and starts monitoring the usage of the granted resources. The specific service or rating group the request relates to is uniquely identified by the combination of Service-Context-Id and Service-Identifier or Rating-Group.

If cleared, the message MUST be locally processed.

The Command Codes are as follows: During interrogation money is reserved from the user account. Interrogation The Diameter credit-control client uses interrogation to initiate a session based credit-control process.

AA answer commands are defined in service specific authorization applications, e.