Posted by Craig S. Mullins at AM No comments: . The tool offers dozens of masking algorithms implemented as Db2 user-defined functions (UDFs). Craig Mullins. You may know Craig from his popular books: Db2 Developer’s Guide, 6th edition and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA. Craig S Mullins is president & principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., is an IBM Information Champion, and an IBM Gold Consultant for DB2. Craig has.

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The book is designed for ease of use both as a learning tool and a reference. Craig’s no-nonsense approach to DB2 topics could only come from the knowledge of having worked in the pits in-depth with DB2. Mullins for knowledge of DB2 and clear presentation style.

The book guides you through the major components and DB2 internals from a practitioner’s perspective. But often this is done without a thorough investigation of the possible implications.

A time to put down the work that consumes us most of the year and to celebrate and enjoy Because the program simply reads the data in whatever state it happens to be at that moment, it can execute faster than if it had to wait for locks to be taken and resources to be freed before processing.

SQL Performance, Part 3: First of all, there used to be a software company called Platinum Technology, Inc. Shifting is easy to reverse engineer making it easy to re-create the original data. Well, now there is! At a high level, both scalability and elasticity help to improve availability and performance when demand is changing, but what exactly are these two things? Poor Masking versus Good Masking. Regular readers should have noticed that the logo and basic design of the blog has been “spiffed” up a bit.


Crqig the UR isolation level was specified for the second transaction, it would read the changed data even though it had yet to be committed. Just click on the book cover below and you can order it right crqig Even though they sold and mullinss their tools, they were promoting Db2 itself which made sense, because if Db2 thrived, so would their tools.

So let me explain.

Craig Mullins, Author at IBM IT Infrastructure Blog

Monday, November 12, Data Masking: Well, back in the day, Platinum was one of the most innovative marketers in the world of Db2, and they used to mail out a monthly tip about how to use Db2 more efficiently. I know I did This article outlines the many challenges of managing modern age IT.

In “real life,” though, true read only data is rare. No Money Should be Harmed: Second of a four part series on SQL performance; Part 2 focuses on query analysis and the ways that SQL gets turned into executable code. To summarize, a transaction—when executed alone, on a consistent database—will either complete, producing correct results, or terminate, with no effect.

When using uncommitted reads, an application program can read data that has been changed, but not yet committed. It is hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone well, almost and that the holiday season is once again upon us. Mullins As a professional DB2 developer your days are extremely busy.

However, it lacks the robust, repeatable nature for generating masked data that a tool like BCV5 can provide. Customer and end- user expectations for interacting with computerized systems have changed—and technology changes to accommodate these requirements.

Database Trends and ApplicationsDecember 4, But as of the 19th Century, the final Thursday in November has been the customary celebration date. This article takes a look at a new approach to elastic scalability for SQL databases. I just got my author’s copies as you can see in this video: Take a look at the data masking capabilities of BCV5 and decide for yourself what you need to protect your valuable data and comply with the industry and governmental regulations on that data.


The Db2 Portal Blog

That means no matter how many times you run the masking process you get the same mask values; the values are different than the production values, but they always match the same test values. A logical transaction performs a complete business process typically on behalf of an online user. Craig is a frequent contributor to computer industry publications, having authored hundreds of articles on database and data management topics over the years.

I wonder where this data came from?

Craig S Mullins

The tool offers dozens of masking algorithms implemented as Db2 user-defined functions UDFswritten in PL SQL so they are easy to understand and customize if you so desire.

NuoDB Blog, February 14, Nulls ceaig a lot of confusion for Db2 developers and DBAs.

In xraig mailbox and delivered by a postal worker. A transaction is an atomic unit of work with respect to recovery and consistency. Additionally, if the data being accessed is already questionable, little harm can be done using a dirty read to access the information.

And yes, I said mailed. The general idea is to create reasonable test data that can be used like the production data, but without using, and therefore exposing the sensitive information.

The DBMS maintains a transaction log or journal to track database changes.