Cioran’s first book “On the Heights of Despair”, brings together all the themes from his later work: death, loneliness, disease, suffering, the. The dark, existential despair of Romanian philosopher Cioran’s short meditations is paradoxically bracing and life-affirming. Written in , when he was On the Heights of Despair shows Cioran’s first grappling with themes he would return to in his mature works: despair and decay, absurdity and alienation, futility .

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Cioran is a cruel diagnostician of despair – there is little from the realms of spiritual shadow that he is not acutely aware of – and scourges the quotidian world with its infinite banality, pointlessness, and immanent subjugation to Ah, Cioran, twenty-two years dsepair and already so caustically weary with that great travail called life – I remember that age well!

Eventually, the words failed him: Then there was the Paris church scene: Technically, Cioran had come to Paris on a graduate scholarship; he was supposed to attend classes at the Sorbonne and write a doctoral dissertation on some philosophical topic. His readership will never fluctuate too dramatically because the majority of people will never be persuaded that his considerations are necessary ones – except maybe on their deathbeds. For truly nothing escapes failure for this 20th-century Gnostic.

Perhaps in its own circumventing way, this book affirms Heghts a waste of a good prose style!

Steinbock – – International Journal of Philosophical Studies 15 3: Cioran going for the rest of his life. The book — to remain one of his finest in both Romanian despalr French — marked the beginning of a strong, intimate link in his life between writing and sleeplessness:. Cioran is of this type.

Don’t even get my started on Anti-Oedipus by Delueze and Guattri hahaha Nobody can transfer their pain onto others. How does one become a hdights We once had this illness, from which nobody wants to believe we have recovered. His French books were neither sold nor published in translation, and his Romanian books had disappeared without a trace. Sin embargo, es bastante intenso y hay que leerlo con calma.


Emil Cioran

He doesn’t even claim to know what desppair proper reaction should be. The content of writing is of secondary importance to him, the act of writing itself is the true goal. It’s actually written in this interesting lyrical format that is vivid and almost strangely life affirming, Cioran transforms accepting heightss and darkness and horror into a positive, a kind of fingers up to fee Recently I finished E.

I will never be able to be the same after reading this book; also I have read it nearly every night since.


This was the first book I read by Ciroan, the then 22 year old Cioran managed to keep me up till 5 in the morning with shivers. No, Cioran did not become a champion of liberal democracy.

Those who might truly sympathize with it are those who have undergone major depression, and to give them a work so encouraging of death would be an act of criminal negligence. My only “problem” with the book was I ciran to keep pausing from my reading to jot down a line that I found illuminating: There is as little aptitude towards suicide within the Transylvanian prophet as there is towards living; he defiantly thrusts against the current in the belly of the abyss.

Cioran would do anything, except take up a job. Spanish, Russian, cannibal — anything, except what I was. Upon completing the essay, he addressed it to his friend in Paris, and duly dropped the envelope in a street mailbox. Public institutions, restaurants in Romania to offer tap water Aug 18, Hadrian rated it it was ok Shelves: This split personality characterized the later Cioran, and it makes sense, for a philosopher who sees the world as a failure of grand proportions, to mock the cosmic order and himself in the process by pretending that ddspair is some meaning where there is none.

Failure hates to travel alone: Cioran is a repetitive farting windbag of nihilism and misanthropy. In another letter to his brother, Cioran writes: I closed my eyes after finishing this book and thought about the futility of life and surprisingly, a chain, a perceptible pattern of thoughts started to come out and torturing me, at the very instant. Cioran was someone who in his youth got involved in catastrophic political projects which he regretted all his lifewho changed countries and languages and had to start everything from scratch, who was a perpetual exile and lived a marginal life, who was almost never employed and nearly always on the verge of poverty.


Books by Emil M. A look at how the strongest anti-bullying state in America, New Jersey, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

M Cioran’s despqir On the heights of Despair. He is an essayist in the best French tradition, and even though French was not his native tongue, many think him among the finest writers in that language. Refresh and try again. Michael Theunissen – – Princeton University Press. In his letter Cioran, unsurprisingly, harpoons the political regime set up by Soviet Russia in Eastern Europe for making a mockery of an important philosophical idea.

The Philosopher of Failure: Emil Cioran’s Heights of Despair – Los Angeles Review of Books

So basically, if I was going to Hell which I don’t believe is going to happen, because I don’t believe in such placesI wouldn’t ehights comforted by the knowledge of the thousands of others coming with me.

Puts him in the company of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. Inescapable Ambiguity and Framework-Relativity. Indiana University Press, Feb 14, Gabriela Molina added it Shelves: But even as he applied for the scholarship he knew full well that he would never write it.

Although very intelligently and coherently written, one tue tell that these are the words of a young soul. It’s a shame that this is Cioran’s most rated book in Goodreads, since it’s not his best one at all and he knew it. And I can’t shake off a sense of artificiality. Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life. This book contains misogynistic passages.

Or final review if I forget