Everything from the tiger-eyes dial too the beefy case tells you this classic is from the 70’s. I bought this watch just before departing to the. I’ve previously posted my newly acquired Certina Blue Ribbon, which looks nice and works well. I’ve also looked at Martin Lovaszs’ schedule. Data: Certina cal: 27/28 jewels, center second, automatic wind, date. Size: 11,5”’ 25,60 mm. H: = 5,40 mm. N: = Power reserve: 46 h. Versions: .

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you want to read up on the history of the watch, here is a good article. Here you can see the auto winder gears. CertinaBarrel complete, Used.

CertinaAutomatic winding wheel. Because I do not have any information about the history of this watch. I have come to understand that these are very often broken and spare parts are hard to find and expensive, so the best option is making your own. So I need some confirmation about that.

Certina Blue Ribbon Cal. 25-651 Vintage Automatic Men’s Watch 1975

CertinaSetting lever, Used. The little spring in the date wheel, can be replaced with hairspring from pocket watch.


Is it posibble to replace this staff only? The base movement is back together, and the movement is ticking. Nice and tidy bottom plate. This is one funky beast!

Service: Certina blue ribbon calibre 25-651

The watch was probably made between andand the design very much points to that date range as certinz. I am not able to find crystals with minute markers on the tension ring here in Canada. Side shot of the case. CertinaScrew for bridges. CertinaRatchet wheel. CertinaReversing wheel. You could say double shocked! CertinaCannon pinion. Solidified grease on the barrel bridge. CertinaCenter wheel, Used.

I start by removing the rotor. Dial is in really great shape. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I polish the hands by pressing it down on a cloth with polish paste and very gently rub in one direction. How do you get te rubber ring back in place, it is such a tight fit, I am afraid to damage it. I have the same watch and need to replace the crystal. Certina M, Barrel bridge. Oh, I forgot btw: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

And the movement is ready for casing. Thank you very much. So for the time being, it will be the first every day, until a replacement can be certian. CertinaPallet fork, Used. I like this watch. I remove the train bridge. Thanks Christian Are there any dials known to be vertina resistant to such natural problems, or any such materials that fare better in general? Enamel is pretty good, but can get cracked.


CertinaWinding pinion. CertinaWinding stem. Hi, nice articles, as usual. The Auto reversing wheel has an inner pinion. The little spring in the date change wheel is broken, and somebody glued it in with super glue. I bought this watch just before departing to the watchmaker school in Denmark. CertinaSetting lever spring, Used.

Service: Certina DS 2 calibre: | Watch Guy

This ring was meant as extra sock protection. Thirdly, people taking the watch apart, and not paying attention when removing the hands, or trying to remove dirt with unsuitable tools….

Mainspring is back in the barrel looking pretty fresh! CertinaIncablock spring. CertinaClutch wheel, Used.