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CCHpdf. Uploaded by Pedro Figueroa Martínez. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. CCH (Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP Machines) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP. CCH 70–2, CCH 70–3. DIN part 1, part 2. EN , EN , EN EN , EN EN , EN , EN EN , (ISO.

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They must be able to supply high intensity current at low voltage.

Incaseof doubt supplementaryinvestigationsmust be carried out afterhaving modified the examination conditions improvement of the surfacecondition, modification of the conditions of magnetization, etc Please email for details. This guarantee englagesthe Designer, Manufacturerand Founder to carry out all necessary repairsas soon as possible, by appropriate professional techniques defined by the CCH and procedures, and to ensure that the state of the repairedCasting meets the original specifications or, if such specifications have not been establishedto meet the professional Standard.

Theway, therelativePositionof corresponding reflector. The examination must be specified in the Quality Sheet or in the technical specification of the Designer probe used, areas to examine, acceptance criteria and must be defined during the call for tender and Placement of ccj Order.

Subject to the conditions of his contract, the Designer will advise the Customer of the decisions taken orwill by agreement with the latter, find an acceptable solution. Table I The surfaces are tobe prepared in relationto the acceptance criteria.

The inspection method described in this technical specification is based onthe reflection of ultrasonic waves produced by a defect or the opposite surface of the part and is visualized by an echo on the screen of the apparatus method of echo pulse ultrasonic testing. The Squares with cross-hatched shading indicate that the type of inspection in question is very difficult or virtually impossible on the areas concerned because of limited-accessibility,incompatibility of shape and method or other reasons; Squares with single hatched shading represent unusual inspections due to diverse circumstances.


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R Height of the reference curve at theSame depth. It is therefore applicable for all items having at least one element in cast steel and constituing one part of a hydraulic machine.

But the track was very nice, clean and green. Cahier des Charges Hydrauliques.

The Operator manually shifts the probe by cdh it on the surfaceto be inspected which is coveredwith couplant contact technique. The verified characteristics are: CCH June The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use.

Table 3 Sets for both the DAC and AVG methods, the classes of quality 1to 6 in Order of decreasing severity, the notation threshold, the area of consideration of the indications and the attenuation of the back echo.

Tables 4 and 5 Set the maximum admissible indications. Named Asia’s best long course destination triathlon in and the best inaugural long course event in by AsiaTri Magazine, the edition will feature a 1. The probe is shifted along the linesof a squared or chequeredarea; the number following the Symbol indicate the squaring pitch in mm.


The indications to be investigated are: In case of superficial mechanical treatment e. This cch is made with the Same probe or with a similartype probe in the Same Operating conditions used to detect the defect.

The examination is made afterapplication of a coat of developer, suspended in a liquid. 703- existing certified qualifications corresponding to the criteria defined 700-3 not be renewed. JuneCCHThesecond edition took into account theaccumulatedexperiencesduring the first years of use. Notify me of new comments via email. The recommended frequency is2 MHz. Extensive shot blasting can prevent the visibility of defects and could even hide them; forthis reason we recomendto limit shot blasting to a minimum.


This report will be submitted to the Designer. The drying may be accelerated by using dry non oily compressed air at a pressure of less than2 70. He said previous champions France’s Cyril Viennot and Switzerland’s Caroline Steffen will return to defend their titles. They may be undertaken by theManufacturer or the Designer after the approval ofthe Founder in accordance with the agreed and qualified welding procedure.

CCH EN – Free Download PDF

For parts under or over these limits, the control method must be defined by the parties involved. Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. If a confirmative radiographicinspection is forseen, radiography will only be carried out in case the results ccy by ultrasonics do not conform with the specified dch and thus do not permit an evaluation of the acceptability of the indication.

It is related to direct current and is convenientfor parts of simple configuration. While maintainingthe magnetization, the excess ofpowder should be blown off carefully so as to leave only the indications created by the discontinuities. In case a separate transmitter receiver probe is used, the surface finish shouldn’t be greater than 2S2 Ra The surfaces should bewithout ondulations which could hinder the contact between the probe and the part.

For this third edition, it gathers 3 Founders, 3 Designers, from Europe and North America and 1 Independent control organization as well as several technical cousultants. Acceptance of a non conformity by the Customer in no way discharges theFounder, the Manufacturer or the Designer from their respective responsibilities.