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HPMC 2013 – Philips

OSRAM is the world number one in automotive lighting. It far exceeds the requirements of international standards, for example in environmental compatibility. To help ensure that vehicles are more clearly lajpadas for other road users, some countries in Europe have already made driving on headlights during the day compulsory daytime running light.

The Automotive Lighting division and all the lamp manufacturing plants producing for this division are certied to TS special quality management requirements for automotive suppliers.

Clearly readable and highlighted in colour.

Improper use in vehicles may make the vehicle illegal and therefore not covered by insurance. Environmentally friendly lighting systems vatalogo systematic innovation management. The blister cannot be opened without being destroyed.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

Clear use of symbols. Lower costs thanks to reduced failure rates as a result of improved vibration resistance. In contrast to other products, they combine absolutely reliable quality with a fair price.

For starters the stylish lamp embodies pretty much every element that you are looking for in a sleek contemporary table lamp that blends in with the current urban landscape.


This needs just one third of the energy of a halogen lamp to produce twice the light of a halogen lamp lament. Our redesigned packaging for the self-service range provide even greater clarity for you and your customers.

The spare lamp kits containing the most important replacement lamps and fuses for almost all makes and models of cars are presented in the minibox display. With the car lamp kit, you can easily x defects yourself. Philips – Office Documents. Their uniform light and a light beam up to 40 m longer enable dangers to be seen much sooner and give drivers valuable extra time in which to react.

For example, sales material can carry the retailers own logo. Now this lmapadas automotive lamp is making a datalogo for itself for being kind to the environment. Philips – Eseo Documents.

Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers. SAE category reference, H4 with strict geometrical tolerances. The brighter output means that the road is much better lit. How to build a relevant sales force? This is the radiation between and nm, a tiny fraction of the known spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

In this way we are able to improve the quality of our products and services and defend our number one position in the face of tough international competition. With its optimised packaging solutions, OSRAM is making a signicant contribution to rising sales among its retail partners. The directive promises greater safety and transparency for the consumer.

Market 2 Order Excellence is about sustainable behavioral change, drivingbusiness impact with our customers Quick Scan LEAN Channel CRMM2O AcademyM20 Excellence Determine maturity levels Help to develop Knowledge, Identify opportunitiesSkills and Attitude across thecommercial organization Identify market-drivenrequirements Driving Performancemanagement by continuous Quickly adaptimprovementto market Improve continuously Accelerate building commercial Caalogo sustainability of businesscapabilities improvements Create competitive advantages Incorporate commercial best practicesin Philips culture6 7.


OSRAM lamps are tted in more than half of all new vehicles that leave the factories.

Published on Jun View 1. Successfully used in millions of new cars from renowned manufacturers.


Article reference Article no. Errors and omission excepted. Wide range of applications: The lamps remain within the prescribed safety margins right to the end of their lives. OSRAM therefore offers retailers and workshops the security of a promising sales future. The essential product benets are clearly shown so your customers can easily nd the automotlvas lamps to meet their needs.

Easy replacement by the roadside. The article number is used to order a particular consumer unit, so it basically corresponds to the old order number. For more information on our products go to: Successor tosimple replacement. B3 and TC are of interest above all for industry; retailers are more interested in the B50 value.

OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market.