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We can’t do anything without material support rom them. And I suppose it seemed very romantic.

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Esta expresi6n proviene de una versi6n temprana del tenis que se jugaba bajo techo. I chose to become an actor and I’m not going to complain about that.

Puede que tengan que hacerlo con cautela, va que no sa ben exactamente d6nde se encuentran los pajaros 0 los animales.

One employee says he thinks the company is playing games with them. En otras puede ser que en algun momento del pasado la expresi6n se tradujera literalmenteyde ahf pas6 a nuestro acervo cultural. They cover the entire waterfront: But I’m equally sure I can do ajobon him. Rome fiddle while Rome bUrns perder el tiempo con nimiedades e ignorarel verdadero problema literal: Sainsbury set the ball rolling last week with 30 per cent discounts on a wide range of brands.

She’s very czrtilla and very down to earth. I’ve ought my way in. Since the electio’ns, the leadership has received seguriidad great deal Of criticism.


It will make socila day. I that’s true, I want to hear it rom you. I came home to Sydney with my tail between my legs, absolutely broke and shattered. Original mente, esta era una expresi6n americana que se empleaba en la hrpica. Significaba hacer una apuesta en eljuego de dados denominado craps, 0 en el mostrador de apuestas de un hip6dromo.

I still come out in a cold sweat thinking about it. Keeping his private life private is oneofthe ways he copes with his celebrity status.


Minister left the minister swinging in the wind, neither giving him his under the wing of someone bajo el control de alguien literal: Is it just an old wives’ tale? They don’t give two hoots about their constituents. Rubic6n 0 Today the Government has crossed the Rubicon in pensjones Of the furo. No esta claro a que se referfa exactamente la palabra devil, pero cree que era algunajuntura 0 alguna tabla de diffdl acceso, de modo que un marinero que tuviera que impermeabilizarla debfa adoptaruna postura muy poco segura V corrfa el riesgo de caer al agua.

I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.

A veces la gente se da codazos nudge each other 0 se guina e! If you’re hiding something, I can tell that too. It’s time to shake the dust from our feet and move on. The author had reached his basic conclusions long before he even b. No se sa be a que se refiere aquf exactamente la palabra doornail.

The chancellor onswered by fighting fire with fire.

Keep your shirt on! Penskones he had seen the light and urged everyone to share it with him. But as a paying customer you like it or lump it.


Collins Easy Learning

Thames not set the Thames on fire no ser nada del otro mundo literal: It’s a truly awfUl novel, and even when you throw famous stars at it, you can’t make it into a great movie. Sin embargo, su padre esta tan contento de verlo que celebra su regreso matando una ternera y celebrando un banquete.

Both their jobs are safe levis houses.

Para encontrar un modismo hay quever primero si la frase contiene un sustantivo. She wants to know where I’ve been and who I’ve spoken to. La palabra harness significa “ames”. One Democratic legislator who was breathing fire over the Weinberger indictment yesterday was Brooks. But there is not even a formula for how it would be determined. It really is Hobson’s choice forthem.

We also design and add other features like logos,banners, advertisements etc. You get the picture, I’m sure.

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Eljuego de la ruleta rusa consiste en dispararse varios jugadores en la cabeza con un rev61verque contiene una unica bala. We argue a lot. Puede df esta expresi6n se refiera al doctor Samuel Mudd.

Last month the Prime Minister promised a partnership to improve the climate for business.