Buy The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons (Blackwell History of the World) 1st Edition by C. A. Bayly (ISBN. With this similarity in mind, C.A. Bayly’s The Birth of the Modern World makes for fascinating reading. In this wide-reaching history of impressive geographical. C.A. Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and C.A. Bayly is well known to readers of this journal as a historian of colonial.

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Bayly does good job broadening perspectives on evolution of world history. The Reconstitution Of Social Hierarchies:.

These 51 locations in All: In Bayly’s brief note on it, the painting is described as the most splendid visualisation of the ‘universalising intention of the revolution’ p. Only the chapter on change and continuity can really convince: From Globalisation To Inter-Nationalim. He was knighted in for achievements as a historian.

The Birth of the Modern World – Global Connections and Comparisons | Reviews in History

Oct 21, Duncan Mchale marked it as to-read Shelves: Of course being massacred, invaded, oppressed Niall Ferguson mentioned it was a “masterpiece”, it is a bit confusing and there’s no narrative, no single story or message to carry through. Back to 1 See particularly Globalization in World Historyed.


And always after some encounter with the white man from the West, first Europe, then the English-speaking world. Global History And Post-Modernism.

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914: Global Connections and Comparisons

The Deluge In Practice: The University of Sydney. Bayly’s The Birth of the Modern World makes for fascinating reading. Ideally, I think that’s how this book should be read.

See my review in my Sense-of-History-account: None of your libraries hold this item. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site.

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780 – 1914

Flinders University Central Library. But similarities and connections could also heighten a sense of difference and antagonism, and it is holding on to both uniformities and specificities that he sees as crucial. The book, written by someone who is not a specialist in Western Europe, shows the myriad “modernities” that started emerging in the long c.a.balyy century and showing how the Western, eventually dominant one, interacted with them. One key c.a.nayly feature was rural protest, and Bayly argues that recent historiography has displaced traditional Marxist accounts of the growth of class consciousness with a focus on rural discontents.

Best synthesis of 19th century global history I’ve seen yet. This is definitely not a standard work. Especially for people who might need to write lectures someday. Global Connections and Comparisons.

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Memories, National Associations And Print. Check copyright status Cite wor,d Title The birth of the modern world, Perhaps Bayly’s most innovative argument in this section is that the nineteenth century saw religious revivals on a global scale.

Dimensions Of The Modern State. Feb 09, Jbondandrews rated it really liked it.

The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons by C.A. Bayly

Were they equal to white men? Bayly’s description of the way that the many forces of the era, including nationalism, trade, and massive technological acceleration combined to forge a one world existence. Tools Of The State. Hobsbawm’s magisterial four volumes on the long nineteenth century, The Age of RevolutionIndustry and EmpireThe Age of Capital and The Age of Empire with its drama of the unfolding logic of capitalism and exploitation, and providing a new account for these post-Marxist times.

University of the Sunshine Coast.