In Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock gave us an intricate world spun from the stories of Irish and English mythology Segundo libro de la serie Bosque Mitago. Mythago Wood is a fantasy novel by British writer Robert Holdstock, published in the United Kingdom in It won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Lavondyss (Mythago Wood, #2) by Robert Holdstock

And since I am with uoldstock, I suppose I am part of the myth myself. Chronology of Events in Ryhope Wood: Christian doesn’t want to talk about it. Dec 21, Vic rated it really liked it. But Tallis is determined to bring Harry home. Hate that hate it hate it hate it! The story itself becomes a complex family conflict as first the Oedipal battle between Christopher and hildstock father is acted out and then, inevitably, that of Christopher vs.

This is a small forest that has existed since medieval times and even back before that. The Mythic Fantasy of Robert Holdstock: Preview — Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock.

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I believe that the novel was composed of three separate novellas, and that may explain some of the disjointedness. Ryhope Wood is an ancient woodland that has been undisturbed since the last ice age and appears no more than three square mitabo in area from the outside.

Will there be stories told one day of the Kinsman and his companion, the stigmatized Kee, or Kitten, or however the names get changed?


Pages to import images to Wikidata. Ryhope Woods is full of mythological creatures, familiar heroes such as Robin Hood, and Hercules, but also mythological creatures that existed before written memory. Guiwenneth, hermosa, fuerte y dulce.

Bosque Mitago

I loved how the lives of characters were entangled with mythagos, but for example the myth of Guinwenneth was too unknown even if explained in the book to truly grasp her character and nature. The mythagos embody Jungian archetypes since they are dependent on the subconscious, not on distinct memory.

To do so, she must learn the ways of this strange woodland, and begins her education in its dreamy, savage, folkloristic magic, endeavouring to learn the secret names and stories of the fields, glades, and trees around her home, while making masks in imitation of the three cloaked women who seem to be guiding her in her shamanistic initiation.

And no one seems to bat an eye at it. I simply didn’t understand why she would go wandering, searching desperately for this man when she seemed to be more genuinely in love with his friend presumably first child was his as it survived longest.

What I did come away with is that nothing is the way it seems. By mining the rich vein of British myth and tying it holdsock both the Jungian subconscious and the magical influence of an acient living forest he managed to create a fantasy work that was both epic in scope and holrstock in its resonance.

St James Press,pages Another is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Mythago Wood feels like a gothic fantasy, as if Jung and perhaps one of those Victorian spinsters got together and wove a tale about a small English family, ancient myths and estrangement.

Quotes from Mythago Wood. The second half I enjoyed less, as it shifts mitato an adult perspective and it’s harsher and more gruesome. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Steven is particularly ignorant and selfish when he initially pretends to be ‘conversing’ with her when it is clear that he has no idea what she is saying.


This is a book about obsession, first with the wood, then with self-creation, and finally with a woman who embodies both that wildness and creation. I don’t know what made him try again, but I’m glad he did. Fortunately, this book has all three of those things. It’s low page count and the fact makes it fast read and if description above has piqued your interest than you have a potential gem on your hands. Steven and Harry come up some revelations about mythagos that seemed to come out of nowhere.

A son’s kiss, too. With the first part of the book taking place nearly entirely outside the forest, Holdstock ups his game with the prose which wasn’t half-bad to begin with adding on so many layers of atmosphere as Tallis lingers at the very borders, occasionally wanting to venture in but never quite daring to go all the way, that for a long while you may wonder if the book is going to be so busy setting the mood that it’s going to forget that the plot eventually boque to start.