Results 1 – 30 of 30 Consolation Philosophy by Boethius Watts. You Searched . Boethius, Ancius ( Author); Watts, Victor (Translator); Watts, Victor (Introduction. Consolation of Philosophy () by Ancius Boethius. Victor Watts read Classics and English at Merton College Oxford. He is Master of Grey. Boethius was an eminent public figure under the Gothic emperor Theodoric, and an exceptional Greek scholar. When he became involved in a.

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I had thought, before I started reading, that he probably had to be a Christian. This author really knocks it out of the ball park. And why does He allow bad people to get away with doing bad things? There are lovely little poems throughout this book too. It is a dialogue of alternating prose and verse between the ailing prisoner and his ‘nurse’ Philosophy. It’s clear that Boethius is reworking Plato and Aristotle into a coherent philosophy in support of his world view.

While it is not overtly a religious work, it contains aspects of Christian and Platonic belief, among others. The ultimate good can not know evil. Relihan Limited preview – Who among us could have known that a penalty that must be paid could be put to such an use as this? A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. Not to take way from the author, but the answer is along the lines that God or the universe is the absolute Good.

May 11, Daria rated it it was ok.


I would be surprised if there was much here that either Marcus Aurelius or Saint Augustine could take offence to. Additionally, unlike the great Greek master, Boethius does not put forward counter-arguments against his main points, if only to address them. I tend to think that Aristotle was really on to something when he claimed that everyone is after happiness.

Translated with an Introduction by Victor Watts. I mean, sure, I get the premise, but I feel like the Account Options Cosnolation in. I still don’t understand it.

The Consolation of Philosophy

In this sense whatever departs from the good ceases to exist, so evil men cease to be what they were before. It was widely read and studied, translated from philosopny original Latin by a broad range of people including King Alfred, Queen Elizabeth I, and Geoffrey Chaucer. That the man boetyius have written this while awaiting death shows that he was a true philosopher—I probably would have spent my time in jail writing apologetic letters to Theodoric, begging him to spare me.

All Quiet on the Western Front. Stay in Touch Sign up. The Consolation of Philosophy: For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

Boethius, a important Roman official sentenced to death on charges of which he maintained his innocence, wrote this beautiful book from his cell in philosophj A. Instructions to Write an Essay Introduction in three basic Steps.

Lists with This Book. Et cetera, et cetera While waiting for all this to happen he wrote this little book. A philosopher should never fear death or misfortune.

View all 8 comments. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Consolation of Philosophy.

Consolation of Philosophy:Summary of Part I-III

philosolhy The whole work is a dialogue between Boethius and Philosophy. The second half of the book is about the nature of god and why god allows suffering. For me, this brought an especial poignancy to his words.


I found the sort of evidence that Boethius gives to proves God’s existence interesting: They are really excellent and they are free.

Boethius, trans. Victor Watts, The Consolation of Philosophy

Written as dialogue between two life-long best friends, this advice was profound, as opposed to so much that passes consolatjon wisdom or consolation today. However, he was eventually suspected of treason and sentenced wattd death. All of this is relatable, relevant, and sprinkled with some insights that I personally found really powerful. When he became involved in a conspiracy and was imprisoned in Pavia, it was to the Greek philosophers that he turned.

An Enemy of the People.

– The Consolation of Philosophy Revised Edition (Penguin Classics) by Ancius Boethius

Reason is an excellent teacher when we are cooperative listeners. It is the account of his vision of, and subsequent dialog with, Lady Philosophy, who appeared to him while he was imprisoned. Klasik Felsefe Okuru, Genel Okur. Sep 12, M. This was from my Social Trinitarian days; sophomoric], Boethius brings Classic Philosophy bictor to the best it can ever be.