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Laboring women, either primiparous or multiparous, fear labor when it occurs, as demonstrated by the following statements. Twenty nursing students with ages ranging from 21 to 26 years old took part in the study, 18 were females.

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For me it is a very special moment because there are doubts and questions to mothers. I believe many women, even ourselves, we have too many fantasies, we are apprehensive about labor. Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization 7 blumeer, in normal birth there must be a valid reason to intervene in the natural process.

George Herbert Mead

In the 60’s in Brazil retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal government, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and private hospital network 3.

In the theoretical-methodological design, Herbert Blumer coined the expression Symbolic Interactionism and described its perspective and method supported by the six radical images and three basic premises 9. Labor is a natural process, but, at the same time, it is not seen this way. When they face an unknown and threatening situation, although they have theoretical knowledge, students demonstrate fear and anxiety because they are uncertain about what may happen normal child birth, forceps or Cesarean section.

Furthermore, interviews blumee used to complement the understanding of the data obtained through observation.

When they were near women in labor, nursing students act according to the meaning labor has to them and this meaning is made from the interactions each student has with their world thorough their lives, that is, what they have heard from their mothers, relatives, and the media, among others.


The teaching-learning process goes interaccuonismo understanding of what it is, how to, and what to do to offer the best care for women in labor.

Therefore, it is important to have a harmonic contact with informants Triggering labor does not concern only one factor, but rather it is a multi-causal event. The second interacciionismo was an open interview with 20 students taking part in the study based on the following guiding question: It is feared and desired, and it is contradictory just as human nature, which may ihteraccionismo emotionally manifested by anguish, leading to disorder in the expectation of impending danger.

Pain during labor interferes not only in uterine contractility but also in the sociocultural and psychoaffective context of laboring women Obstetrical nursing; Labor, Obstetric; Students, nursing; Teaching. The nature of labor pain.

Physiologically, labor occurs with release of oxytocin by the neurohypophysis through estrogen stimulation resulting from the following factors: I understand that it is a normal, physiological process and that it will happen if there are one thousand people or not. Before they took the discipline, most these students 18 had already heard of labor and child birth, especially on TV documentaries and filmsthrough stories of mothers and friends that had undergone labor which were the most important source to know about the issue.

Before child birth, women have to experience labor which is characterized by three lnteraccionismo early, active and transitionstarting with uterine activity and progressively continuing with cervix dilation and effacement, allowing for proper development of labor. Data presented here show that informants were mostly young females which characterizes the nursing undergraduate students whose knowledge on labor and child birth before taking the discipline Women’s Health was limited to television documentaries and moviesand to the stories of close people such as mothers and friends that had delivered a baby.

Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety. Everything changes and is transformed when students see not only birth but also labor. George Mead recalca la importancia de los juegos y de los deportes en la capacidad del nino de interiorizar roles sociales; colocarse en el lugar de otros; proponerse el logro de objetivos individuales al interior de una trama social en concordancia con ella; cooperar en objetivos colectivos; operar con reglas dotadas de imparcialidad que, asi como permiten la excelencia individual, conllevan relaciones de respeto y aprecio hacia el logro legitimo de otros.


References in periodicals archive? So the meaning of labor refers to a painful process that makes women suffer. Meaning of the labor process: In this moment, they understand that this stage labor is relevant for proper development of delivery. Switch to new thesaurus.

Grafton’s Newman 5th; Junior recovers from crazy 8. All human beings have a subjective idea of what the labor and child birth pain is. These physiological phenomena are characterized by the presence of contractions with growing intensity that leads to cervical effacement, its progressive dilation, fetal presentation, and fetal expulsion Thus, everything they have heard from their mothers, relatives, communication media, etc was important to form this meaning.

They had an elusive, apprehensive, and quiet behavior. Significado del trabajo de parto: To be able to act, to take responsibility for laboring women, nursing students should know, see and assist labor. Thus, when they see women in labor, students always refer to the painful process that makes women suffer as we can see by the following statements.

In this reality, learning strategies should be established so that humanized and interaccionsmo care meets the needs of patients.

This is unpredictable and, therefore, it may make laboring women feel anxious, insecure and frightened