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Meer dan ooit draait… Lees meer. Thanks to Postscript and with the right drivers DTP program files such as from Aldus Pagemaker and Ventura publisher can now be sent to proof printers and image setters. Data exchange was a hot item at the drupa.


Laat een reactie achter Antwoord annuleren Reacties Naam vereist E-mailadres zal niet zichtbaar zijn vereist Website. The first A3, dpi laser printer with an original Adobe Postscript Level 1 RIP with a finished product good enough to make a camera ready print.

Deel dit artikel Facebook. Dat kon nu met Adobe Postscript. If you are pregnant… Lees meer. The product line integrates seamlessly with the extensive product range Bell and Howell already have. De Ikea-catalogus geldt al sinds jaar en dag als de grootste… Lees meer.

There is a lot of experience with advanced programs to produce complex productions. A Harlequin RIP for any output devices. IKEA has placed and advert in a Swedish magazine for expecting mums where the special offer is only visible if the pregnant woman drips a few drops of her urine on it.

Ten years after the introduction of Postscript the real breakthrough at drupa was data exchange, or the exchanging of orders between pre-press systems with blokboe own file formats.


Het zijn de woorden uit de nieuwe reclamecampagne van online tqal Reclameland. Programmatic is one of the buzzwords of the last couple of years. The traditional pre-press manufacturers such as Crosfield, Scitex and Dainippon-Screen showed systems which could work with TIFF files and were able to convert, vector drawings and Postscript files.

AMOROSO | Horsetelex

De keuze bestaat uit… Lees meer. Er zijn andere woonretailers die ook iets met augmented reality doen, weet…. De Ikea-catalogus geldt al sinds jaar en dag als de grootste…. But above all husband, father, friend and lover of life in southern Spain since The sales of calendars….

Online marketing is niet meer nieuw. All graphic market blokbeok will profit from this automation. This cleared the road for the many applications we will see at blokboeek And thanks to the automation they are all ready for the new trend Multi Channel Publishing. Think about Adobe inDesign for example, or Photoshop. It may cost you a day, but it will be a day well spent, at the very least to find out if Multi Channel Publishing is the way forward for you blokblek your company.

This happens instantly and this information is usually free of charge. This is the conclusion of Buchreport in Germany.

This will give your customer the right balance for publishing via all available outlets. The number of visitors and, even more important, readers who took the time to read the whole….

Agfa Eversify easily and efficiently converts print jobs to electronic publications which can be published blokbofk the web or app stores. Drupa was dominated by PostScript Level 1 image setter which were able to set four colour separation i raster lpi within the hour.

Er zijn andere woonretailers die ook iets met augmented reality doen, weet… Lees meer.


You would think that the holidays are bad for a site such as blokboek. It might even be a better step than investing in a costly production printer. Calendar season is about to end and the tentative conclusion is that especially the more expensive calendars were popular.

De keuze bestaat uit…. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is the holy grail of engagement… Lees meer.


That is not the case, however. Gunther International builds and develops software for bulk mails for the insurance and banking industries. Meer dan ooit draait…. De moderne vormen van marketing kennen een hoofdrol in de huidige digitale transitie, en gaan alweer naar de vijfde generatie van denken en doen. Met de nieuwe online Campaign Simulator van JCDecaux kunnen adverteerders zelf snel een uiting uploaden, en van diverse afstanden beoordelen hoe de campagne tot haar recht komt in het straatbeeld.

If you are pregnant…. If we add the experience with colour, typography and short delivery times you will see that Multi Channel Publishing is just the next step. The print industry is incredibly suitable for making multi channel productions. Buchreport reports a stable and the calendar sales are going well. At the drupa DIP pavilion you will not only find examples of Multi Channel Publishing, but also free presentations and workshops. The small print shop which gets its clients because of web2print to the big printers who successfully use price, quality and short turnaround in their competition against digital printers.

The sales of calendars… Lees meer.