Arquillian Testing Guide [John D. Ament] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get familiarized with the Arquillian framework and its. Integration testing sometimes involves writing complex codes. This book introduces you to the capabilities of Arquillian to enable you to write. Arquillian, a new testing framework developed at , empowers the This guide documents Arquillian’s architecture, how to get started using it and how.

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The extra steps documented in this chapter are only relevant for tests which are not executed in the same JVM as the test runner. Arquillian is an innovative and highly extensible testing platform for the JVM that enables developers to easily create automated integration, functional and acceptance tests for Java middleware. If a single WebArchive is found, the same as for WebArchive is done.

Then some magic happens and each Test method is run inside the container environment. Chapter four “Why Did the Test Fail? You run it as follows: If you have questions, please use the top-level discussions forum in the Arquillian space on JBoss.

Arquillian – So you can rule your code. Not the bugs.

For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 currently at Milestone 2for which we use the jbossas-remote profile. As a arquilljan, the test remains very lean and manageable. So I was really glad that John took over and took on the efforts putting a book together a book about my favorite integration testing tool.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Container-specific test tasks Test “profiles” via build fragment imports. As we mentioned above, we need to repackage your Deploymentadding some Arquillian support arquiklian, to run in-container.

Every standalone test can also be run as an integration test, arqulilian not the other way around. But you still need some way to hook your test into this environment. This can be useful if, in as client mode, you want to execute against a remote endpoint tedting your application, and then in the next test method, use in container mode to verify some state the previous remote invocation created on the server side.


The implementations provided so far are shown in the table below.

Arquillian Testing Guide

After working with Spring a bit here and there, he started investigating the Seam framework. Stepping into external libraries. Setting up and running the test in Maven. Tests should be executable from both the IDE and the build tool By leveraging the IDE, the developer can skip the build for a faster turnaround and has a familiar environment for debugging. Much the same way Java EE 5 testting the server programming model by providing declarative services for POJOs, Arquillian equips tests with container lifecycle management and test case enrichment.

We invite you to give us feedback if you find a better way or another way worth documenting.

Unit tests and mock testing can only take you so far. One way to swap the libraries on the classpath is to manually edit the dependencies defined in pom. In order to support running the same test locally and in remote containers, Arquillian uses an SPI that controls which protocol is used to negotiate execution of the test. Arquillian only supports Servlet 2. Using Arquillian, you can focus on the test, not the plumbing.

Who this book is written for This book is for developers and testers alike. We recommended setting User variables for Forge, unless you have placed the unzipped distribution in a folder where all users can access it.

Instead, you need to start the container in debug mode and attach the debugger. Setting up and running the test in Maven 3. Progressing Building on core skills you already have, these titles share solutions and expertise so you become a highly productive power user. Setting up and running the test in NetBeans 4.


Log in to your account. Testing CDI beans 2. Therefore, to setup debugging, you must first attach the IDE debugger to the container, then execute the test in debug mode i.

Arquillian Testing Guide introduces you to Arquillians features and capabilities.

Arquillian – So you can rule your code. Not the bugs.

Note You must use the 5. Arquillian will abort execution of the test if it detects multiple adapters.

The only thing Aqruillian does is to control the lifecycle of your Deployment. Test Case Injection Points Injection points are recognized in the following two locations: Application scope – Active for all methods in a test class Session scope – Active for all methods in a test class Request scope – Active for a single test method.

A reader should be arquilljan with some automation strategies and techniques such as JUnit and should have some exposure to techniques such as mocking.

While the standalone tests don’t need a full container, it’s also important to run them as integration tests as a final check just to make sure that there is nothing they conflict with or have side effects when run in a real container.

Please try again later. The class contains a static method annotated with Deployment that returns a JavaArchive. Arquillian provides a default implementation for remote servers which uses HTTP communication and an implementation for local tests, which works through direct execution of the test in the same JVM.

Perhaps you have even started thinking about ways in which you can enhance or extend Arquillian.