Any Human to Another. The ills I sorrow at Not me alone Like an arrow, Pierce to the marrow, Through the fat And past the bone. Your grief and mine Must. The summary of this poem is that a man is grieving and suggest that nobody should grieve alone. He believes that it is better for them to grieve. Between high school and his graduation from Harvard, Cullen was the most popular black poet and virtually the most popular black literary.

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Your grief and mine Must intertwine Like sea and river, Be fused and mingle, Diverse yet single, Forever and forever. With this stanza, the speaker offers comfort for those in grief. The elaborate writing as well as the rhyme scheme of this poem enhances the meaning for the reader. Those eyes are basilisk’s she gazes through, And those are snakes you take for strands of hair! Let no man be so proud And confident, To think he is allowed A little tent Pitched in a meadow Of sun and shadow All his little own.

As he whose eyes are gouged craves light to see, And he whose limbs are broken strenght to run, So have I sought in you that alchemy That knits my bones and turns me to the sun; And found across a continent of foam What was denied my hungry heart at home.

Against disease and death and all things fell, And war, Their strophes rise and swell To jar The foe smug in his citadel.

Joy may be shy, unique, Friendly to a few, Sorrow never scorned to speak To any who Were false or true. He reveals the suffering of one human being, and how it affects the people who surround the one who is suffering.


Your grief and mine Must intertwine Like sea and river Be fused and mingle Diverse yet single Forever and forever. A person avoiding the pain in society is not being fair to their human race. He suggests that sorrow is often what lies at the depths of the heart.

Remembering their sharp and pretty Tunes for Sacco and Vanzetti, I said: Connected with the Harlem Renaissance, this theme makes it quite apparent how African Americans felt about prejudice. With this context being written in the time period of the Harlem Renaissance, one can understand the connection with civil rights.

Analysis of Any Human to Another by Countee Cullen

Cullen paints a picture of this unification of two persons through the common experience of pain. This anofher brings all of humanity together under the common experience of sorrow.

What boots this constant crying in the wind, This ultimate indignity: Everyone is a human being. Suffering of one kind or another is a common human experience, and something that unites us all.

The speaker implies that grief can unite one human to another. Schaeffer Harlem Reaissance ppt. From these lines Cullen conveys the image of a man avoiding sorrow. The Cat From the French of Baudelaire Come, lovely cat, to this adoring breast; Over thy daggers silken scabbards draw; Into thy beauty let me plunge to rest, Unmindful of thy swift and cruel claw.

T the context of the poem Cullen never states a specific culture or race to connect his themes to.

Any Human to Another.doc

Why this preoccupation, soul, with Death, This servile genuflexion humaan the worm, Making the tomb a Mecca where the breath Though still it rises vaporous, but firm, Expelled from lungs still clear and unimpaired, To plough through nostrils quivering with pride Veers in distress and love, as if it dared Not search a gayer place, and there subside?


This initial stanza implies the importance of what lies beneath a human beings physical features. While it is already understood that the Hujan Renaissance was a time period which reflected an advance in racial identity and creative writing, the universal language present was not clearly presented by the Harlem poets.

Your every grief Like a blade Shining and unsheathed Must strike me down. This consciousness was followed by great productivity in the areas of writing, art, and music. Sorrow is something that is felt beneath the outward, physical body. With subterfuge and fraud the mind Must fend and parry thrust for cullfn, With logic brutal and unkind Beat off the onslaughts of the dust.

Cohntee Soul to Me: Joy may be shy, unique Friendly to a few Sorrow never scorned to speak Anotber any who Were false or true. He believes that in order to fully enjoy life, it must be shared with others. Incorporated with the upsurge, was writing that spoke equal rights along with sorrows suffered by blacks. Throughout the Harlem Renaissance the issue of racial identity often arose.

Springfield Township High School. Now will the poets sing. Every human being has experienced some form of suffering. Within the poem, Cullen describes sorrow as a common aspect of life.

Here too’s a cause divinely spun For those chllen eyes are on the sun, Here in empitome Is all disgrace And epic wrong, Like wine to brace The minstrel heart, and blare it into song.