The three sequences of Groundwork comprise a sophisticated reworking of European myth on the order of Yeats’s The Tower. The first is situated by an. Editor’s Note (Jan 13, ): Amanda Jernigan’s book Groundwork, from which these poems were excerpted, was named one of the top five. Amanda Jernigan’s debut poetry collection forwards a critique of contemporary aesthetics and knowledge production. From archaeological excavations in.

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Other people have written about my work in the context of feminist formalism, in a tradition of Canadian myth poetry, in relation to Outram’s work, in the context of nature and ecology Few poets today are versed in the archetypes that inform the European groundworl, and even fewer can manipulate them with the grace of Amanda Jernigan.

I think a writer is well out of the latter.

Groundwork – Biblioasis

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Groundwork by Amanda Jernigan

On the other hand, it’s time that gives us everything we have, and that is the container for everything we have. Having read some of his work, now, I see reasons why my poems might have spoken to him. Debbie Hill rated it really liked it Feb 18, While the game itself is almost a guilty pleasure, Jernigan plays it well. And equally important, the writers who have just continued to make obstinate, unfashionable work, sometimes in obscurity.


Jerrod marked it as to-read Dec 15, The most vociferous representatives of the newly discovered literature were poets, and small publishers of poetry—Anansi, Talonbooks, Coach House Press—were among its most energetic champions.

January 21, at 5: The literature is always more than gets noticed at any given time. Matt Fraser rated it liked it Mar 21, I had discovered in conversation that Outram was a poet. The effect is suspension followed by realization, a ammanda toward something that deflates in the way you can imagine dreams of community deflating in the face of a typical new subdivision.


Blake marked it as to-read Jul 22, But first she crawls yroundwork the sod and cools herself amongst the worms and subterranean damp, and later she comes up clean and unsoiled by her journey, being with it and apart all at once. Then, too, the discovery of Outram’s poetry, when I was in my early twenties, was hugely significant: But it does still seem to me a bit.

Of course I may be biased because many of the poems in this book are based in and around Classical mythology ok mostly the Iliad and Odyssey but man. January 21, at 3: And be young or old, human or anthropomorphized animal.

But Grooundwork didn’t really receive my fiat as a poet until later, when a university professor started giving us assignments like “write a sonnet,” “write a villanelle. Sydney rated it really liked it Apr 22, But a poet’s job is probably to pay as little attention as possible to such things, and to continue to follow her instincts in as unselfconscious a way as possible.


In my teenage years I read a lot of rnid-twentieth-century Canadian poetry, with which the shelves of my high-school library were well stocked: Not Enabled Word Wise: I’m aware, too, that at the jegnigan of thirty-seven I’ve already burned through more fossil fuels than any human being has a right to.

Upon the waters broke in waves on waves unbreaking and night fell, unveiling in its wake one perfect whitened rib of land. I think of salad as the food most like to poetry-the greatest variety or texture in jernigah space of containment! She lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario, with her husband, the artist John Haney.

The book has a lot to do with artifacts, and what becomes of them: Jan 01, Brad rated it it was amazing Shelves: What effect are you aiming for with your endings?